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Potatoes "Skarb": a promising Belarusian variety

Potatoes "Skarb": a promising Belarusian variety

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The medium-term maturity of Scarb potatoes deserves close attention of gardeners due to the large number of positive qualities. The description of the variety bred by the Belarusian Research Institute of Horticulture and Potato, characterizes Skarb potatoes as very promising for homestead farming.

Grade characteristics

Potatoes "Skarb" forms bushes of medium height and intermediate type. Floral corollas are white, medium-sized. Leaves are medium in size, open, dark green in color. The period from the appearance of the first seedlings to the formation of tubers in the stage of technical maturity is no more than 80-85 days. Productivity is about 7 kg per square meter.

Root crops have a smooth yellow skin with superficial eyes. The shape of the tubers is rounded oval or very aligned oval. The pulp on the cut is creamy yellow. The starch content does not exceed 16.5%. The mass of the root crop is 160-210 g. The fruits are suitable for the production of dry and crisp potatoes.

The value of this variety is high yield, excellent taste of tubers, as well as increased resistance to damage to plants and excellent storage. High resistance to potato cancer, potato nematode, and the main bacterial and most common viral diseases is noted. However, the tops are susceptible to late blight. In some years, ring rot is affected.

Planting potatoes

Potatoes "Skarb" should be planted with seed or medium-sized tubers. It is undesirable to use large tubers cut into several parts as planting material since in this case the development of sprouts very often stops.

Before planting, greening and germination of the tubers selected for planting in a bright and warm room should be carried out. It is very important to ensure that the sprouts are not too long. Their maximum length should be approximately 3.5 cm. Otherwise, seedlings may break off during planting.

Landing holes are recommended to be placed according to the scheme of 60 x 35 cm. The depth of the holes should be no more than half the bayonet bayonet. You can not deepen the planting material by more than 8-10 cm. A handful of wood ash and humus should be added to each planting hole.

Landing is carried out during soil warming up to + 9-10 9С. It is very important that the soil at the time of planting maintain optimal moisture values. Too dry soil will hinder the rooting of tubers and slow down the formation of sprouts. Planting rows should be located from north to south, which improves the illumination of plants.

Seed Potatoes: Preparing for Planting

Care Features

Belarusian potatoes of the Scarb variety are distinguished by their responsiveness to high agricultural technology, but are undemanding and yield a very good harvest even for beginner potato growers. The main activities in caring for this vegetable crop are as follows:

  • immediately after the emergence of seedlings, row-spacing and bulging of tops should be carried out, which allows to improve the air flow to the root system, as well as preserves moisture in the soil and protects the plantings from an unexpected decrease in temperature;
  • full-fledged care is impossible without the timely conduct of weeding, which should be combined with loosening the soil;
  • watering is recommended to be carried out at least once a month, supplementing them with the introduction of high-quality fertilizers, among which the most effective are nitrofoska, used at the rate of 5 kg per one hundredth, and nitroammophoska, used at the rate of 3 kg per one hundredth;
  • as organic fertilizer, it is recommended to use chicken manure, which is famous for its very fast effect on the growth of potato bushes, in the amount of 1 liter of infusion per bush;
  • for the protection of potatoes, it is recommended to use insecticides belonging to the group of pyrethroids, among which Karate, Arrivo, Decis, Fastak, Sonnet, Kinmix, Bulldok and Fury show good results.

In order to obtain faster and more complete ripening of potato tubers, it is necessary to mow the tops about a couple of weeks before harvesting. The main condition for long-term storage is the thorough drying of root crops, as well as compliance with the temperature regime and humidity indicators in the vegetable store.

Reviews of vegetable growers

The name "Scarb" is translated as "treasure" or "wealth" and fully characterizes this variety. Root crops of the Skarb variety, reviews of vegetable growers of which are mostly laudatory, have such a very important property as the flesh that does not darken during any heat treatment. This variety is appreciated by consumers for its pleasant potato aroma, a very pronounced and bright taste, the preservation of integrity during the cooking process, obtaining, as a result of cooking, friable potatoes of a pleasant golden color.

The variety sprouts very slowly, and before planting, mandatory germination is required. It is worth remembering that the Scarb potato has an impressive period of rest, lasting four months.

By professional agronomists, this variety is recommended for cultivation in the northwestern regions of our country, where the yield can reach 65 tons per hectare of planted area. Variety "Skarb" deservedly occupies an honorable place in many household plots.

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