Description of tomato variety 6 Punto 7 and its characteristics

Description of tomato variety 6 Punto 7 and its characteristics

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A rare gardener does not have one or two beds of tomatoes. Tomato 6 Punto 7 has become a new, successful work of breeders. Good taste was combined with fast ripening and unpretentious cultivation.

General information about the variety

The plant bears fruit stably in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. The planting site is chosen depending on the climatic characteristics of the cultivation region.

Description and characteristics of the variety:

  • ultra-early ripening, the maximum period of the beginning of fruiting is 85 days;
  • determinant;
  • high yield, for the summer period 1 sq. planting meter gives up to 8 kg of berries;
  • the height of the bush does not exceed 100 cm;
  • medium foliage;
  • ease of cultivation, unpretentiousness;
  • tolerates transportation and storage well;
  • resistance to major diseases of the nightshade family.

The peculiarities of the variety made it popular not only in Russia, it is successfully grown by Ukrainian and Moldovan vegetable growers. Features of the fruit:
  • round-oval shape;
  • the color of a ripe berry is red;
  • sweet taste;
  • small size with a maximum weight of an individual tomato of no more than 20 grams;
  • thin, strong skin;
  • smooth.

Tomatoes of variety 6 Punto 7 f1 are suitable for preparing vegetable salads, canning in general, and drying. High-quality processed products are obtained from tomatoes: ketchup, mashed potatoes, pasta.

IMPORTANT! Tomato has a low dry matter content - no more than 7%.

Growing recommendations

For the variety, the seedling planting method is preferable. To obtain healthy seedlings, you should:

  • plant seeds to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
  • ensure the room temperature is at least 21 degrees;
  • cover the seedlings with foil until sprouts appear;
  • regular watering;
  • after the appearance of seedlings, provide the plant with a source of constant lighting.

Before planting, in 7-10 days, tomatoes should be hardened. For 1 sq. meter should be placed no more than 9 bushes, according to the scheme 50 x 40 cm.

Growing is not a big deal; the tomato is not capricious. To get the best harvest, it is recommended:

  • provide watering with warm water in the morning or evening hours - as needed;
  • regular weeding and loosening;
  • feeding, at least 4 times during the summer season.

Gardeners' opinion

Good afternoon! I would like to recommend tomato 6 Punto 7. For lovers of cherry tomatoes, this is an excellent solution. In care, the variety is unpretentious, resistant to many diseases. I did not find any minuses for myself. The fruit is sweet and juicy. Conveniently canned or dried as a whole, it looks beautiful as a table decoration. My positive feedback to the originators!

Anastasia Polikarpova, 55 years old.

Good day. I hasten to share my impressions of the 6 Punto 7 hybrid. The tomatoes ripened very quickly, from planting the seeds to the moment the fruits appeared, 80 days passed. The yield is high, about 1 kilogram of berries was obtained from one bush. Pleased with the taste. For a vegetable salad or as an ingredient in tartlets, a great solution. The variety is good for transportation and long-term storage. I recommend!

Elizaveta Petrovna, 47 years old.

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