Useful properties and contraindications of black currant for the human body

Today, black currants can be seen on a large part of the household plots. Berries are valued for their pronounced rich taste and smell; many have heard about the usefulness of the product. What useful properties and contraindications blackcurrant has, you should find out in advance, which will help you get the maximum benefit from them.

What elements and vitamins are rich in berries?

Currants are among the leaders in terms of vitamin content. At the time of ripening, the berries accumulate the maximum amount of vitamin C. Only 20 ripe berries are able to provide its daily requirement. In this case, the calorie content of 100 g of the product is 44 kcal.

The composition of the berries is unusually rich, it contains trace elements and many minerals. It contains a wide variety of B vitamins, the spectrum of which is very wide.

The product contains phytoncides, pectin, essential oils and other substances. Minerals such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium are found in black currants.

Because of their rich composition and usefulness, currants are often called a "garden pharmacy". It contains various trace elements that can simultaneously have a positive effect on the work of the whole organism.

Effects on the body

Thanks to vitamin C, currants are considered an effective remedy for maintaining immunity. Such an element, in combination with provitamin A, has the ability to fight abnormal cells, since they increase the protective properties:

  • phytoncides - have a detrimental effect on microbes and viruses;
  • acids - increase appetite, increase the production of gastric juice, provide antimicrobial effect;
  • pectin - improves bowel function, prevents “bad” cholesterol from being absorbed, ensures the removal of toxins and heavy metals;
  • tannins - help to retain food in the stomach, which allows for better absorption of food;
  • essential oils - provide a disinfecting effect, promote wound healing.

Vitamins of group B normalize energy processes, increase the ability to assimilate proteins, stimulate the production of hormones and ensure the proper tone of the body. A large amount of vitamins helps to cope with their deficiency and contributes to faster recovery of patients after surgery.

Useful properties of fruits

A distinctive feature of the currant is its unique ability to simultaneously influence all systems of human life. It compensates for the deficiency of nutrients, helps fight bacterial and viral infections, stimulates immune properties, increases appetite and the production of gastric juice. The usefulness of the product decreases slightly when freezing and drying. To obtain a valuable source of nutrients in winter, various recipes are used; preserves, jams, juices and compotes are prepared from the fruits.

For men

The substances contained in the berry help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and since cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death among men, the regular presence of berries in the menu reduces the risk of their occurrence.

It is a popular remedy to restore potency, therefore it is often recommended to be taken to solve sexual problems.

Benefits for women and expectant mothers

The composition of currants contains a high content of vitamins and minerals, so regular consumption of berries helps to improve the condition of the skin, normalize its color. Including them in the diet helps fight the early signs of aging.

Low calorie content allows you to include currants in the menu for losing weight. It is rich in vitamins A and C, which contribute to the better breakdown of fats, therefore, the use of berries contributes to the best results in weight loss. The product helps to remove excess fluid, which also has a beneficial effect on the process of losing weight.

The currant contains folic acid. During menopause, it helps to reduce the severity of its symptoms.

Acid is considered an essential element in the first trimester of pregnancy, as it helps the normal formation of the fetus. During the period of childbearing, most pharmacological preparations are prohibited, therefore, the use of currants makes it possible to obtain a natural source to replenish the lack of vitamins and minerals. The active substances contained help to maintain the immune system of the pregnant woman, help to cope with anemia and edema. At the same time, a woman in a special position should use currants with caution, since the berry can cause allergic reactions.

For seniors

With age, people begin to worry about a variety of diseases. The elderly often suffer from blood pressure, heart problems and high cholesterol levels. The inclusion of elderly people in the diet provides the following effect:

  • sodium - improves the functioning of the nervous system, maintains the acid-base balance;
  • potassium - normalizes blood pressure and heart rate;
  • calcium, fluorine - prevents the destruction of cartilage tissue, reduces the risk of developing joint diseases.

Currant improves blood composition and has a preventive effect in the fight against anemia.

For the little ones

The inclusion of currants in the diet of children helps to increase appetite, which has a positive effect on the growth and development of babies. Due to the fact that berries are classified as strong allergens, they are not included in the diet of babies under 1 year old. At a more mature age, the product is introduced gradually, giving a small amount of juice diluted with water.

The product is an additional source of vitamins and minerals that children enjoy using. The presence of calcium in the composition has a positive effect on the bones and teeth of the child, therefore, berries are often included in the diet when there is a deficiency of such an element in the body.

In what form can you eat

It is useful to use currants in any form, the simplest way is to use a freshly harvested crop. Fresh berries are most useful at the time of ripening. 14 days after removing from the bushes, the amount of vitamin C in the product can be reduced by 70%. Frozen currants are less useful, the value of the product decreases slightly with this storage method.

Dried berries are considered a good substitute for fresh ones; they are often used for making fillings for confectionery and compotes.

Today, many varieties of black currant and its hybrids with other garden crops have been bred. On the territory of Russian regions, wild berries grow, which also have great value for the human body. It is called the cape, and the forest variety has less sweetness than the garden variety.

Use for various diseases

The medicinal properties of the berry are used in the treatment of various diseases. Its healing properties have found application in alternative medicine, it is used for the production of various pharmacological preparations to improve vision, replenish vitamin deficiencies and maintain immunity. Caution should be exercised when using berries in patients with bowel disease.

Treatment of ARVI and colds

Medicinal properties of currants are used to treat colds and SARS. You can use it in any form, but it is important to follow one rule. It is recommended to take a "tasty" remedy before bedtime, and if the treatment is carried out during the day, then after that you need to lie down for 40 minutes.

A strong cough will help relieve currant tea with honey. Tea with the addition of rose hips, prepared from 300 ml of hot water and 2 tbsp each, will help to improve well-being, to eliminate the feeling of lethargy and weakness. l. berries. Often a cold is accompanied by a fever, which will help to eliminate the berry infusion. It is prepared by boiling 20 berries in 250 ml of water for 10 minutes.

Application for diathesis

To get rid of the consequences of diathesis, infusions and decoctions of dry currant leaves are used, which are poured in when taking a bath. To obtain the effect and improve the condition of the skin, it is enough to take a water procedure for 10 minutes. The course of treatment is 10 sessions.

Folk currant recipes

In alternative medicine, currants are often used to treat colds. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and immune system. Berry-based decoctions and infusions help cleanse the liver, as berries have the ability to remove toxins. For recipes, not only the fruits, but also the leaves of the plant are often used.

Black currant with sugar

Black berries with sugar have a good ability to boost the body's immune properties. Currants with granulated sugar are often called "cold jam", as cooking does not involve heat treatment. "Tasty" medicine is useful in case of loss of strength, lack of vitamins and in the treatment of colds. For older people, it is considered a good way to fight atherosclerosis and maintain normal blood pressure.

To prepare a healing agent, the berries are ground with a sieve or passed through a meat grinder, after which the mixture is combined with sugar in a 1: 2 ratio. It is enough to receive 3 tbsp. a day to get improvement.


Blackcurrant juice helps to cope with metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, anemia and liver diseases. It is recommended to adhere to the following rules of admission:

  • expectorant effect will provide the ingestion of 0.5 glass of juice and 1 tbsp. honey;
  • will restore the heart rhythm daily use of 1 glass of juice;
  • anti-inflammatory effect and reduction of painful discomfort in the throat will help to achieve rinsing with juice diluted with water in equal proportions.

Juice is not given to children under one year old, and at an older age, they must be diluted with water. In case of stomach diseases, it should be taken taking into account contraindications.


Currant tincture has the ability to increase hemoglobin levels, so its use is indicated for anemia. It helps to cope with fatigue and vitamin deficiency, and is effective in stimulating the immune system. The tincture relieves a coughing fit, hoarseness of the throat, it provides an anti-inflammatory effect and facilitates the course of colds. It is enough to take 250 ml of the product 3 times a day.

Currant tea

Tea with currants and honey has a tonic effect. To prepare it, take 2 hours of currant leaves and pour 250 ml of boiling water, leaving to cool for 10 minutes. You can drink tea 3 times a day, if desired, you can add currant berries.

Decoction of buds, leaves and twigs

A broth based on currants will help with pyelonephritis and diseases of the urinary tract. The tool has a strong diuretic effect. For its preparation, take 6 tbsp. dry raw materials and pour 1 liter of water, insist for 24 hours, wrapping a container with liquid. In order to remove fluid from the body, take 6 times a day, 200 ml.

Seed oil

Blackcurrant seed oil, when taken internally, helps to lower cholesterol levels, improve liver function, increase immunity and reduce premenstrual syndrome. External application effectively helps in the treatment of skin diseases, it stimulates the processes of cell regeneration and glandular ducts. Regular use eliminates the effects of allergies, normalizes skin moisture balance, and promotes rejuvenation.

The rate of intake of fresh berries per day

The daily intake of berries per day depends on many factors. The main ones include age, the presence of diseases and contraindications for admission. Children from 2 years of age can be given no more than 3 berries per day. For women, the recommended amount is 30 fruits, for men 50.

Can I be used in cosmetology

Black currant has found wide application in the field of cosmetology. It is included as an ingredient in creams and scrubs, hair and skin masks, shampoos. Thanks to its use, you can get rid of seborrhea and skin diseases.

To improve the structure of the hair, it is enough to rub a couple of drops of oil into the roots shortly before shampooing. Warm oil baths for hands help to improve the quality of the nail plates. To eliminate skin imperfections, they take water procedures or make compresses using a decoction of currant leaves.

Rubbing with berry cubes made from 100 ml of currant juice and 1 tbsp. olive oil.

Contraindications and possible harm

It is not recommended to take berries to persons prone to blood clots, since the berry increases blood clotting. It is undesirable to include berries in the menu after a recent heart attack or stroke. Who shouldn't eat currants:

  • suffering from gastritis, stomach ulcers;
  • hypertensive patients;
  • patients taking medications based on enalapril;
  • diabetics.

Currant acts on the formation of gastric juice, and in case of problems with digestion, the product helps to improve the condition. The exception is gastritis, in which there is increased acidity, in which case the berries are contraindicated.

Is it possible to eat black currant with diabetes

In type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the use of black currant is permitted and recommended. You can include in the diet not only fruits, but also decoctions and teas. When consumed fresh, it is permissible to consume 100 g of berries at a time.

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