Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Olya, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Olya, its yield

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Tomatoes come from the warm countries of Central and South America, but the vegetable, so beloved by the inhabitants of the middle lane, has long been adapted and is easily grown in rather unusual conditions. This is due to the work of breeders, one of whose novelties is the tomato Olya f1.

Characteristics of the variety

Olya tomatoes belong to the category of early ripening and high-yielding varieties that allow you to get up to 25 kilograms of fruit from 1 square meter of planting. The bush of the plant reaches a length of a meter, has a small number of leaves and little branching.

The foliage is light green, double-feathery. The fruits ripen 105 days after germination in the case of an extended cultivation method, and when planting seedlings in spring - and 90-100 days.

Several brushes are formed on one plant, the maximum number can reach 15 pieces, while three of them can ripen together, forming beautiful brushes with tomatoes of the same size. The fruits are fleshy, medium in size and round in shape with a diameter of 6 - 7 centimeters. When ripe, they turn bright red. Fruit weight is about 130 - 140 grams. Tomatoes are well stored and transported.

The pleasant sweet and sour taste of Olga f1 tomatoes allows you to use them for making salads and other winter preparations, eating fresh and in various dishes.

The description of the plant characterizes the advantages of the Olga tomato:

  • excellent productivity;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • heat tolerance;
  • high resistance to diseases such as cladosporium, fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus, nematode;
  • development in low light.


It is necessary to grow this tomato variety through seedlings, because otherwise the plant will not have time to ripen. The soil for seedlings is prepared separately:

  • 1 part sawdust;
  • 1 part peat;
  • 2 parts of greenhouse soil.

The composition is spilled with boiling water and a urea solution. It is recommended to add crushed eggshells, a half-liter can of ash and a couple of tablespoons of superphosphate to a bucket of mixture into the soil mixture. Then it must be mixed and covered with a hot potassium permanganate solution, after which the soil can be used to plant seeds. It is recommended to dive the seedlings and start hardening a few weeks before planting, taking the plants to the balcony or terrace.

Sowing is carried out in March, and in May, after the end of the frost, the plants can be planted in the ground at the rate of 4 bushes per square meter. Cultivation is possible both in the open field and in greenhouses. In the process of cultivation, it is necessary to feed, which will allow you to get the maximum yield, to process the crop from pests.

A tomato can become infected with the following diseases:

  • rot;
  • late blight;
  • brown spot.

Solutions of such drugs as "Barrier", "Zaslon", "Epin" and copper sulfate will help protect against these diseases.

Variety reviews

Alena S., Nizhnyaya Tura:

“I have been using Olenka tomatoes for three years now, I don’t get a particularly high yield, but thanks to the good resistance of the plants, the fruits are there in any weather. The neat shape of the tomatoes allows them to be used for a beautiful setting, and the bushes always look good on the site, so I often plant them in the foreground. "

Evgeny M., Satka:

“I used to grow old varieties without being interested in new ones. However, I heard reviews about this variety from a neighbor who planted it, and decided to try it myself. I studied the characteristics and description of the tomato variety Olya and began to grow. The result pleased me: it is not difficult to take care of the plants, and the yield is quite high. Neat and tasty fruits are formed, which are convenient to roll into jars and are pleasant to eat right from the bush. "

Svetlana M., Novosibirsk:

“This year I decided to try the Olya variety for the first time. I grew it in a greenhouse. I liked the high yield, disease resistance of the plant. However, the taste is not very - close to the store, there is no such pleasant aroma as the old varieties. But even and beautiful brushes look good, and you can boast of such. "

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