A simple recipe for pear jam with orange for the winter

A simple recipe for pear jam with orange for the winter

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Adding unusual ingredients to the usual dessert will help to add a special touch of piquancy to it. Pear jam with orange is a great use of such ingredients. Dessert with juicy pear pulp with the addition of sour orange turns out to be incredibly tasty, it will be appreciated by all housewives.

The subtleties of cooking

Any garden varieties of aromatic pears are suitable for preparing a delicious dessert.... For this purpose, sufficiently dense samples are selected, but not rigid. Ideally, ripe fruit should remain tender, and the shape of the pieces should be maintained. If fruits for making dessert are purchased in a store, then their choice should be approached with the utmost responsibility. The pears should be smooth, without visible signs of rot, and have a characteristic aroma. Outwardly, they should be elastic.

A pleasant pear with sugar is combined with spices. The readiness of the dessert is determined by its softness and transparency. To ensure that the selected fruits are cooked evenly, fruits of the same ripeness are used.

Preparing the main ingredients

Ripe and firm pears are carefully sorted out, washed. Cut into slices without removing the peel. Carefully cut the core with seeds. The resulting slices are covered with sugar, infused for 5 hours. Oranges are peeled, cut into cubes or passed through a meat grinder. Small jars and lids are thoroughly sterilized.

Pear jam with orange

To make amber jam, you need the following ingredients:

  • Pear fruits - 2.2 kg.
  • Orange - 3 pcs.
  • Sugar - 2.2 kg.

Peeled from dense skin, carefully cut into slices. Put pear slices and orange cubes in an enamel basin, add sifted sugar, pierce with a fork. Set aside for insisting for the whole night.

Put the pot on the fire, cook for 1 hour 30 minutes after boiling over low heat. Remove the foam, stir gently. The finished dish is poured into crystal clear jars, rolled up.

In a multicooker

The process of preparing a delicious dessert is simplified if a multicooker comes into play - a universal assistant for housewives. The cooking recipe is very simple. For this purpose, you will need a universal vessel. For cooking, take in equal proportions 500 g of selected pears and an orange. Fresh oranges are cut into circles, without peeling off the thick peel. Each circle is cut in half. The pears are cored and cut into neat slices. Dessert is cooked using one "Stew" program for 1.5 hours. When finished, the dessert takes on a pleasant amber hue.

With vanilla and cinnamon

For this recipe, hard pears are chosen; instead of pod vanilla, ordinary vanillin is suitable.

List of required ingredients:

  • Hard fruit - 1 kg.
  • Sugar - 500 g.
  • Natural cinnamon - 2 sticks.
  • Vanilla - 1 pod (a packet of regular vanillin)
  • Lemon zest or half a lemon.

The peeled fruit is cut into cubes. Pour it over with citrus juice, meanwhile prepare a syrup: melt sugar with the addition of spices. Add the syrup to the chopped pears. Cook for 5 minutes after boiling. Shake the vessel a little and send it back to the fire. The composition is also boiled for another 5 minutes. With prolonged cooking, a homogeneous thick jam is made from the composition.

With lemon

The pear sweetness is neutralized by the acidity of the lemon. Instead of fresh fruit, the use of diluted citric acid is allowed.

List of required components:

  • Unpeeled fruits - 1 kg.
  • Sugar - 1 kg.
  • Large lemon - 1 pc.
  • Purified water - 250 ml.

The first stage is cutting ripe pears into large slices. Cut into thin slices of lemon fruit. Lemon slices are boiled in a saucepan, poured with a glass of spring water. The boiled liquid is decanted separately. Squeeze the juice from the boiled lemon. The resulting juice is placed on the stove, sugar is gradually introduced, dissolved, pear slices are placed in the liquid. Set aside the composition for infusion for a couple of hours. After that, the mixture is boiled over low heat for 15 minutes.

Cool, then re-boil for 20 minutes. The resulting delicious delicacy is poured into the cleanest jars.


This transparent dessert has not only an attractive taste, but also an excellent aesthetic appearance.

The list of required components is as follows:

  • Ripe fruits - 1 kg.
  • Selected sand - 1 kg.
  • Citric acid - 3 g.

Pears are thoroughly washed and dried. Cut into slices of the same thickness. It is advisable to leave the thick skin in order to preserve the integrity of the finished slices. Slices are laid in a bowl with a thick bottom, covered with sugar, left to release life-giving juice. The fruits that have let the juice are subjected to three boiling times, one of which is quite long in time. The first 2 times are cooked for several minutes.

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