Description of the tomato variety Ekaterina, its yield and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Ekaterina, its yield and cultivation

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The most important conditions when choosing a tomato variety are high yield and a pleasant taste of the fruit. All these qualities are combined in the tomato Ekaterina. Good variety for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Characteristics of the tomato hybrid Ekaterina

It is never superfluous to study the description of nightshade crops before buying planting material.

The tomato is listed in the state register of Russia as suitable for cultivation in unheated greenhouses and spring greenhouses.

Tomato Ekaterina F1 belongs to the first generation hybrids. The variety is early ripe, from the moment the seeds are planted in the ground and until the first vegetables are reddened, it takes from 85 to 95 days.

Tomatoes are undersized, determinant hybrids. The bush does not grow more than 70 cm in height.

The richest harvest can be obtained if you form a bush in 2 or 3 stems. Constant pinching is required. The leaves of the plant are small, rich green. Tomato inflorescence is intermediate. The very first inflorescence is laid over 7 - 8 leaves.

The plant tolerates an unfavorable climate well.

One of the main advantages of the Ekaterina F1 tomato is immunity to many diseases that most often affect nightshade crops. These are late blight, brown and gray rot, fusarium wilting of bushes.

Plants can be cultivated both in the garden in the beds and in greenhouses and hotbeds. Moderate feeding is required.

Description of tomato fruits Ekaterina

Ekaterina F1 tomatoes ripen at the same time. High productivity. One adult bush can be harvested from 7 to 12 kg of vegetables. When cultivating crops in a greenhouse - up to 15 kg.

Description of fruits:

Oval-shaped vegetables;

  • Ripe fruits of a scarlet hue;
  • The mass of one tomato can reach up to 140 grams;
  • The pulp is dense, juicy;
  • The skin is thin;
  • After harvest, tomatoes can be stored without spoiling for up to 2 months:
  • Universal use in cooking;
  • Many gardeners note that for an early variety, Katya's tomato has a rich taste and a strong "tomato aroma";
  • During transportation, the skin does not crack;
  • Ideal for whole canning.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid

Almost all farmers who have ever grown a hybrid on their site were satisfied with the results. The reviews are generally positive.

Description of the advantages of tomato Katya F1:

  • Simultaneous ripening of the crop;
  • High productivity;
  • The taste of ripe vegetables;
  • Duration of storage after harvesting the fruit;
  • Versatility in use;
  • During canning, the whole skin does not crack;
  • Disease immunity;
  • Unpretentious cultivation;
  • You can grow seedlings in open and closed ground.

There were no shortcomings in the Katya F1 hybrid.

How to care for a tomato outdoors and indoors

Growing seedlings is one of the most important steps in growing tomatoes at home.

The optimal time for sowing seeds is the second half of March.

Description of growing planting material:

  • Soak the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes;
  • Pour the substrate into the boxes. Soil temperature should be more than +15 degrees;
  • Make grooves in the ground and sow seeds. Drizzle;
  • Cover containers with clear glass. When sprouts appear, remove the glass;
  • When the bushes grow up, dive them into separate containers;
  • 2 weeks before planting in a permanent place, the seedlings should be hardened. For half an hour every day, the seedlings are taken out into the street. So the seedlings quickly adapt to new conditions;
  • Bushes are planted in the beds at the end of May.

Hybrid Ekaterina is recommended to be planted in open sunny areas. Bushes do not tolerate stagnant rainwater and shade. It is preferable to choose fertile soils. If there is an insufficient amount of nutrients in the ground, then organic or mineral fertilizers can be applied before planting the bushes.

During the growing season, it is necessary to apply mineral fertilizers without nitrogen content.

A month after planting the seedlings, it must be hilled. This will allow the root system to grow better. After 14 days, hilling must be repeated again.

Another effective way to increase yields is to tap the stems with a wooden stick. Tapping is necessary so that the bushes are better pollinated. Thanks to this action, tomatoes ripen 8 days earlier.

About three times a week, the bushes are tapped with a light wooden stick. If the weather is sunny, one tap will be enough. If cloudy, then 2-3.

Quick, jerky movements can cause all the pollen to crumble. When ovaries are formed on the first three inflorescences, the procedure can be stopped. Also, the bushes can be sprayed with boric acid solution. Spraying is carried out during the period of active formation of ovaries and fruits.

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