Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Alpatiev

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Alpatiev

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Tomato Alpatieva 905 is an unpretentious and popular variety of tomatoes, which is excellent for both conservation and fresh consumption.

The standard variety Alpatieva belongs to the early maturing determinant varieties. His main merit is unpretentiousness. Even people who have never dealt with garden plants in their lives can successfully grow such a variety. Even novice gardeners can effortlessly enjoy fresh tomatoes from their garden.

Characteristics of this variety

This type of tomato is a low bush (no higher than 50 cm), very compact and does not require pinching and garters. 4-5 of these bushes are placed on one square meter. The foliage of the bushes is strong, the stems are erect. The leaves are medium in size, rich green color, corrugated. Simple inflorescences are formed on the branches, neat and small. On the central stalk, 3-6 inflorescences are formed, the first inflorescence is formed above 7-8 leaves, the next - every 1-2 leaves.

Fruits are regular, rounded, slightly flattened. Bright scarlet color. Fruit size varies from 60 to 100 grams. Each vegetable contains 4 nests. The surface of the vegetable is smooth. The taste cannot be called excellent, but it can be called satisfactory. If you want to please yourself with a fresh tomato salad, but at the same time you are very demanding on taste, then such tomatoes are unlikely to surprise you with something.

But for canning, they are quite suitable. Tomatoes are compact and uniform in size, resistant to cracking and look great in jars, unlike other tastier and fleshy varieties, but also larger and not suitable for winter twisting.

The main value of this sort is industrial. This variety is very fruitful. During the fruiting season, it is realistic to collect 2-2.5 kg of ripe tomatoes from one bush. Harvesting begins 100-110 days after planting the seeds.

The declared characteristics of this variety indicate the possibility of its cultivation in open soil, both in the Central zone of our country, and in the Ural Territory and even in Eastern Siberia.

It is important to know! Tomatoes have very beneficial properties for the human body, but unlike other vegetables, in tomatoes these properties are much stronger when cooked. Therefore, among the many juices, the only tomato juice is recommended to be taken in digested form, and not freshly squeezed.

The advantages of this variety of tomatoes

The advantages of Alpatiev tomatoes are obvious, these are:

  1. Simultaneous ripening of fruits. In the first 14 days, up to 30% of the total crop ripens. This is very convenient for winter canning.
  2. Tomatoes withstand sudden temperature changes well.
  3. Drought resistance and unpretentiousness in cultivation and care.
  4. The ability to grow such a variety from your own seeds. This variety is not a hybrid, which saves on the purchase of seeds. To collect your seeds, you need to leave several vegetables on the bush until they are completely overripe (until soft). Then the fruits are ground through a sieve, the seeds are washed, dried and left in a secluded place until next spring.

Tomato variety Alpatieva 905 a contains special sugars, which open up and give the original taste to tomatoes when salted.

The description of this variety indicates the high resistance of the plant to various pests and diseases.

Growing features

This type of tomato does not require any special conditions and manipulations when growing. You can plant a plant both in open ground and in a greenhouse. Further care is carried out in timely, but not frequent watering, weeding, fertilization and loosening of the soil.

If you decide to start growing Alpatiev's tomato, then without much effort you will provide yourself and your loved ones with delicious canned tomatoes for the whole winter.

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