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How to make an alpine slide on the basement site from the bath

We bought a plot, and there is a lot of foundation from the old bath, someone tell me if it is possible to build an alpine hill there?


I agree with Olga a very suitable material and a place for the construction and creation of an alpine hill. Valentina - so that your alpine hill and the place around it turns out to be similar to the original landscape, you need to mark the entire territory correctly. Your slide should be surrounded by a valley, cliffs. And the alpine hill itself should have a peak and a plateau framed by certain plants: carpeted (alpine strawberries, daisies, veronica). You can also plant rosette and tuberous plants, juveniles, levisia, edelweiss, orostachis, and saxifrage look great. Remember that aboutt this largely depends on the general view of the alpine hill and landscape design of the territory.