Description of the tomato variety Sasher, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Sasher, its characteristics and cultivation

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One of the new generation black-fruited hybrids is tomato Sasher f1. The variety was obtained by Turkish breeders of the agricultural company "Yuksel Seeds Inc Co". In 2016, a vegetable crop was introduced to the Russian Federation. Having passed the variety trials, the hybrid was highly appreciated by vegetable growers and began to be cultivated in Russia, for growing in open ground and greenhouse structures.

Advantages of the variety

Despite the fact that Sasher tomato seeds appeared on Russian shelves relatively recently, the variety has already managed to fall in love with many gardeners. Reviews of summer residents confirm the early maturity and high yield of the crop, which is 25 kg from 1 bush.

Additional advantages of the variety:

  1. Tomato in film shelters is grown 2 times a year: in spring and autumn.
  2. The plant is resistant to temperature extremes and cold snaps.
  3. The hybrid is endowed with immunity to tomato diseases and root rot.
  4. Ease of maintenance saves free time for gardeners.
  5. Amicable ripening of fruits.
  6. Harvesting in a short time.
  7. The commercial quality of tomatoes increases their demand in the consumer market.
  8. The universal purpose allows you to eat fresh tomatoes and use them in cooking.
  9. The long shelf life and transportability allow the transportation of tomatoes over long distances.

These and additional qualities distinguish the Sasher tomato among other hybrids of Russian and foreign selection, which contributes to its rapid popularity.

Description and characteristics of tomato

The Sasher variety is characterized as a vigorous, hardy plant. On average, the height of the bush in closed ground reaches 60–70 cm, in open areas - 1 m. The bush is carpal, strongly leafy, gives many shoots. The leaf is large, dark green in color. From 5 to 7 fruits are formed on one cluster.

Description of tomatoes:

  • color - brown-red;
  • shape - correct, rounded;
  • weight - 150-170 g;
  • texture - dense, fleshy;
  • the taste is spicy and sweet.

A distinctive feature of the Sachet variety is that its tomatoes contain a large amount of carotenoid pigments. When consumed, these antioxidants have a negative effect on atherosclerosis and cancers in the human body.

Growing recommendations

Reviews of gardeners about the tomato Sasher F1 indicate that the culture is able to please with early fruits even in extreme conditions. However, in order to increase the amount of the crop, you need to know a few rules of agricultural technology.

So, according to the recommendations of experts, when growing a variety, it is worth adhering to the following technology:

  1. The site for plant growth is selected in a place protected from the wind, with good illumination from all sides.
  2. The soil at the planting site should be loose and fertile.
  3. Seedlings are planted at the end of April, according to the scheme 60x70 cm.
  4. The bush needs to form 2-3 stems.
  5. To prevent the plant from breaking under the weight of the fruit, it needs to build a support.
  6. During growth, tomatoes are fed with nitrogen and mineral fertilizers.
  7. The variety responds well to regular watering and loosening of the soil.

As you can see, agricultural technology is simple and does not require any particular effort. However, observing the above technology, it is possible to increase not only the yield of the variety, but also the quality of its fruits. Beautiful and fragrant fruits will appeal to both households and buyers at the vegetable market.

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