Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Granuflo, consumption rates

Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Granuflo, consumption rates

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Crop plants are susceptible to dozens of diseases, and specialized pesticides are used to protect against them. With their help, it is possible to cope with most infections that would otherwise destroy not only the crop, but also the plants themselves. Fungicides are used against fungi, one of which is Granuflo. To obtain an effect without harm to the environment, it is necessary to study the instructions for use of the contact fungicide "Granuflo".

Composition and form of release of contact fungicide "Granuflo"

The main active ingredient of the drug is thiram, or TMTD. It is a representative of the dithiocarbamate class, a contact fungicide with protective properties. The fungicide "Granuflo" is produced in the form of water-dispersible granules, that is, it is a granule for dissolving in water with the formation of an active solution in the form of a suspension.

Principle of operation and purpose of use

The fungicide "Granuflo" is characterized by the following principle of action:

  1. Penetration into the cells of the causative agent of the disease.
  2. Inhibition of the activity of enzymes containing sulfhydryl groups or copper atoms.
  3. Exceptionally contact action. The drug does not act against pathogens contained in plant tissues.

Fungicide "Granuflo" is practically ineffective against bacteria that infect plants, therefore, for a complex effect, it can be mixed with compatible pesticides. The drug is active against pathogens from the class of oomycetes and on part of basidiomycetes. Stored on plants for up to 30-45 days. Plant protection lasts from a week to two. Its duration depends on the weather - with high humidity, the drug is washed off faster.

Consumption rate and instructions for use of the drug

The pesticide "Granuflo" is effective against fungal diseases of stone fruit and pome crops. This is a contact agent, therefore, treatment must be started in advance, before obvious signs of the disease appear.

The rate of the drugProcessed cropPlant diseaseTreatmentExpectation and frequency of exposure
2-3Cherries, plums, peaches and other stone fruitsMoniliosis, clotterosporia, curliness, rot during storageThe first one - before flowering, then - every 7-14 days. Consumption - thousand l / haLast treatment before harvest - 40 days, 3 treatments
2-3Apple tree, pear, grapes and other pome fruitsMoniliosis, scab, alternaria, powdery mildew, rot formed during storage of fruitsThe first is at the green cone stage, then every 7-14 days. The last treatment is 35 days before harvest.

Consumption of the prepared active solution - up to 1,000 liters per hectare

Waiting 35 days, 4 treatments during the growing season

The fungicide is compatible with most other plant protection and treatment products, including mineral oils. It is not recommended to mix with preparations based on copper, as such a composition can cause the appearance of black spots on vegetative plants.

The suspension is prepared immediately before use and is not stored for more than a day. It is advisable to use the prepared preparation immediately. Shake well before using the next day.

The dishes used to dissolve the suspension granules must be thoroughly rinsed after use, stored separately from other dishes and not used for other purposes, except for creating active solutions for treating plants.

Precautions when working with the product

Fungicide "Granuflo" belongs to the 3rd hazard class. This means that it falls into the group of moderately hazardous (moderately toxic) substances. A person working with this pesticide must follow the classic safety rules:

  1. Do not eat, smoke or drink while handling the substance.
  2. Protect your face with a mask and your eyes with special glasses.
  3. Wear gloves.
  4. Wear closed, long-sleeved clothing.
  5. After processing, change clothes, wash your face and hands, take a shower.
  6. Do not process plants in windy weather or in direct sunlight.
  7. Remove pets and birds from the affected area.

"Granuflo" has low toxicity for pollinating insects and does not affect the surrounding entomological equilibrium.

Compatibility with other substances

The product shows good compatibility with various pesticides, including substances based on mineral oils. Mix with caution with copper fungicides as this can cause dark spots. However, such a mixture is highly effective in treating diseased plants.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Fungicide "Granuflo" can be used as part of systemic preparations for complex treatment of plants. It is not phytotoxic.

Expiration date and storage rules

The shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the date of release. After the end of this period, it is not allowed to use Granuflo fungicide, it loses its protective properties. Store "Granuflo" in a dry, shaded room at temperatures from -25 to +35 aboutC. The storage place must be out of reach of children and pets, and the substance itself must be in signed containers or in the original packaging with labels.

Avoid storage of fungicides near food products, feed for domestic and farm animals, household chemicals, in order to avoid the ingress of substances and harm to the health of people and animals.

What can be replaced?

"Granuflo" is inexpensive and available to everyone, but, if necessary, it can be replaced with the following drugs:

  1. "Tiram" or "TMTD".
  2. "Shooting gallery".
  3. Strobe.
  4. "Garden".
  5. Delan.
  6. Topsin-M.
  7. "Manfil" and many others.

Some of the listed drugs have a composition similar to "Granuflo", others have other active substances, but they all have the same direction and are designed to destroy fungal infection of plants.

Fungicide "Granuflo" is currently the most powerful drug against scab and moniliosis of cultivated and ornamental plants.

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