Description and characteristics of the Northern baby tomato variety

Description and characteristics of the Northern baby tomato variety

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Tomato Northern Baby was specially bred for regions with cool climates, where the summer is very short. Tomatoes are not afraid of the cold, they can be grown outdoors. The variety is characterized by a good yield. The first fruits will not have to wait long, they will appear already in early July.

Characteristics of the variety

Northern baby is a variety of early ripening tomatoes. The fruits have time to grow and ripen even in a cool, short summer. The species was specially developed for cultivation in Siberia and the Urals.

The bushes of the plant are low, the foliage is neat, with medium-sized leaves, the growth of plants does not exceed 40 cm.This fact allows you to start breeding tomatoes in small summer cottages, where every square meter counts. The tomato bush is lush, spreading, it does not need to be pinned, the leaves are of normal size, light green in color.

The general characteristics of the tomato variety can be expressed in the following points:

  • determinant plant;
  • short stature;
  • spreading bushes;
  • simple inflorescence;
  • smooth fruit of a round shape;
  • small fruit size;
  • simple inflorescence.

With proper care, you can get 1 kilogram of harvest from one bush, and up to three kilograms of tomatoes per season can be removed from one square meter.

Northern baby is a variety of tomatoes that are small in size. Their fruits have a rounded shape, during the ripening period they begin to turn red, at the time of maturity they acquire a uniform dark red color. The weight of one tomato can range from 45 to 60 grams.

Tomatoes are juicy, they have a pleasant sweet taste with a sour tint. The skin is firm, the fruit is firm and does not crack. Salads are made from vegetables, they are consumed both fresh and canned. Tomatoes of the presented variety can be preserved whole. Tomatoes withstand transportation well, they retain their appearance on the road, do not get crushed.


Northern Baby tomatoes have many virtues. Such tomatoes are good for growing in small areas. Even a beginner can take care of this vegetable crop, since special care is not needed for tomatoes of this variety, it is enough to follow the basic rules. Among other advantages, I would especially like to note the following points:

  • the plant is not afraid of cold and sudden temperature changes;
  • has a good early yield;
  • bears fruit amicably and abundantly;
  • the first tomatoes begin to appear after 80 days;

  • the variety is not picky about care;
  • to be grown outdoors;
  • not susceptible to various diseases, apical and root rot does not develop on the bushes;
  • there is no need to tie up the bushes, since they are small in stature and will not break.

The main advantage of Severnaya Malutka tomatoes is their early fruiting. And yet, the first decade will give 40% of the entire crop as a whole..

Growing tomatoes

The northern baby is unpretentious. But in order to get a good harvest, you need to follow some rules. Cultivation is carried out taking into account the following factors:

  • seeds for seedlings begin to be sown in mid-April;
  • one seed is buried at a distance of one and a half centimeters from the surface;
  • the temperature of the soil for planting seeds should be about 20 degrees;
  • seedlings are planted in slightly acidic soil;
  • bushes are planted according to the scheme 60 X 60 cm.

Plant care consists in regular abundant watering. Tomatoes love moisture, but they should not be poured. Once a week is enough. Watering is carried out with warm water. It is better to do this in the evening when the sun goes down. Fertilizers can be added to the water for irrigation.

Before you start growing the Northern Baby variety, you need to know more about it, read the description, and learn about the features of care. With the right approach to business, you can get a good harvest of delicious tomatoes.

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