Why rams sometimes butt, what to do and how to wean them

Why rams sometimes butt, what to do and how to wean them

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When breeding small ruminants, various unpleasant situations arise. Sometimes they are minor and don't pose much of a hassle. But there are times when the behavior of animals threatens the health of the owners. So, if the rams on the farm butt, then they can injure not only the owner, but also strangers. Using the advice of experienced herders, you can "discipline" pugnacious animals.

Reasons for unpleasant behavior

The vigor is due to the biological, genetic trait of the rams. So they find out who is in charge of the herd and has great rights to the female. Especially animals become aggressive during the rut. The most pugnacious are rams with long horns. They enjoy authority with the whole herd, and rarely anyone dares to compete with them.

The degree of vivacity is influenced by stroking the forehead in young lambs. Also, playful games with young animals, imitating butting, lead to increased pugnacity in adult animals. Therefore, experienced livestock breeders do not recommend scratching the foreheads of lambs. Animal cruelty can affect pugnaciousness. If you constantly beat the young, then over time he will start butting the owner. It is not easy and not always possible to disaccustom a ram to “fight”.

What if the ram butts?

Livestock breeders cite different ways to "pacify" sheep. For example, put him separately from everyone in the corral. Then the cattle will not injure its relatives and, possibly, will calm down over time. The method does not always help, so it must be combined with other methods.

Try to train the animal with petting and treats. You need to address him affectionately, with love. At the same time, feed your favorite food. Stroke while feeding. You need to iron the neck, torso, you can not touch the area between the horns. Over time, the animal will get used to and stop butting.

Some farmers use force instead of affection. They carry a stick with them, such as a shovel handle. In case of the beginning of aggression, they beat them slightly between the horns. This cools the fervor of the animal. The method is dangerous, you can not calculate the force of the blow, and injure the ram. Aggressive reaction of cattle is not excluded.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

They also tie the front limbs together. They are not tied tightly so that the animal can walk, but not run. Then it will not be able to scatter and pry on its head. Sometimes the horns are entangled with a chain, to the end of which a weight is tied. This makes the ram lie down.

They are attracted by "high technologies". A dog collar is used. A shocker with a remote control is inserted into it. As soon as the ram accelerates to strike, press the button, and the ram is paralyzed by the discharge. According to farmers, the cattle stops being aggressive after a week. You also need to remember that you should not turn your back to the alert animals.

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