Instructions for use of the Athlete for seedlings, dosage and fertilizer analogues

Instructions for use of the Athlete for seedlings, dosage and fertilizer analogues

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Many cultivated plants, owners of personal plots begin to grow at home, sowing seeds for seedlings, and then transferring them to greenhouses or open ground. Fertilizers help to increase yields and get strong and healthy seedlings. After their application, the sprouts are less sick and do not react to the vagaries of the weather. For seedlings used "Athlete" - dressing, which not only increases the yield, but also improves the quality of the soil.

The composition and features of the fertilizer "Athlete"

Top dressing for seedlings of cultivated and ornamental plants "Athlete" contains a single component - chlormequat chloride. In one liter of the drug, its concentration is 600 grams. The fertilizer comes on sale in the form of a solution, which is packaged in ampoules with a volume of 1.5 ml, this option is chosen by the owners of small plots. For industrial applications, the feed is packaged in larger plastic bottles.

The manufacturer of the "Athlete" is the domestic firm "Green Pharmacy of Gardeners". Before use, the fertilizer will have to be diluted in water, but the concentration is different for seedlings of different plants.

Top dressing is used in two ways - after the appearance of cotyledonous leaves - by watering at the root, and as a foliar fertilizer. The "Athlete" is used exclusively at the stage of development of seedlings of fruit and ornamental plants. Thanks to the use of top dressing, the sprouts manage to accumulate the required amount of substances and correctly distribute them over the tissues, as a result, the plants do not stretch and do not waste energy on the development of lateral roots. Treated sprouts have dense leaves and sturdy stems that do not break in the wind when transplanted outdoors.

Pros and cons of using

Summer residents, who have been using fertilizer for many years to improve seedlings of vegetable and ornamental plants, have highlighted many advantages of the drug and minor disadvantages of fertilization.

They attributed the following points to the pluses:

  1. You can not be afraid of an overdose - even if the recommended amount of feeding the seedlings is exceeded, no harm will be done.
  2. There is a regulation of plant growth and development after the application of top dressing.
  3. Fertilizer does not pose a danger to the person who carries out the treatment, and to beneficial insects.
  4. As a result of using the "Athlete", the immunity of crops increases, and they get sick less after planting in open ground.
  5. The drug has an affordable cost due to the fact that it is produced by a domestic company.
  6. The active substance of the fertilizer contains the main set of nutrients that are necessary for the full development of plants.
  7. After applying top dressing, it is possible to achieve an increase in the yield of vegetable crops.
  8. Fertilizer contributes to the good development of the root system, therefore, when transplanting or picking, the seedlings do not linger.
  9. The flowering period of ornamental plants is extended.

Of the minuses of the "Athlete", gardeners note that it has a limited period of use for cultivated plants, is used only for seedlings, and does not have a positive effect on adult specimens.

How does it work and what is it for?

The instructions for use indicate that "Athlete" is intended for processing seedlings of vegetable and ornamental plants. The active ingredient of the fertilizer inhibits the activity of a hormone such as gibberellin, which promotes the formation and development of lateral roots. After applying top dressing, the ground part develops evenly, the seedlings do not outgrow and do not stretch.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

In addition, thanks to the "Athlete", it is possible to increase the yield of vegetable crops by a third and improve the decorativeness of flowers and shrubs. The drug is not used for plants in the flowering and fruiting stages.

Instructions for use

In order for fertilizer for seedlings to fulfill its purpose, it is necessary to adhere to the rates of feeding and the rules for preparing the working solution.

For tomatoes

To strengthen tomato seedlings, a working liquid is prepared by dissolving 15 grams of "Athlete" in 10 liters of pure water. It is allowed to use top dressing both root and foliar. Seedling processing is carried out in three stages. The first time the fertilizer is used at the moment when 3 leaves are formed on the sprout. The following dressings are carried out at weekly intervals, however, the fertilizer concentration must be increased by reducing the amount of water to 6.5 liters.

It should be noted that if root feeding is preferred, a single processing of seedlings is sufficient.

For peppers and eggplants

To improve the growth of bell pepper and eggplant seedlings, it is necessary to prepare a liter of water. Hard, from the tap is not suitable, it is recommended to defend it or use the spring. The contents of one ampoule of fertilizer are poured into the liquid and mixed thoroughly with a wooden stick. Seedlings are processed once, after 3 leaves are formed on it. To fertilize bell peppers, they use the foliar method, the blue ones are fed with watering at the root.

For cabbage

To feed cabbage seedlings, prepare half a liter of water, to which 1.5 ml of Athlete fertilizer is added. To achieve the result, you will need three treatments at intervals of a week. Cabbage seedlings are fed only by watering at the root.

For cucumbers

The instructions for use of the "Athlete" fertilizer do not indicate that the drug is allowed to be used for seedlings of cucumbers. Therefore, it is not recommended to process this culture, at best, it will not give any result, and at worst, it will lead to the death of the sprouts.

For ornamental shrubs

Flowers and ornamental shrubs are the only plants that are recommended to be processed by the "Athlete" during the budding period. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a working solution consisting of one liter of soft water and one ampoule of the drug. Spraying is carried out by the foliar method, making sure that the solution covers abundantly the leaves and buds of the ornamental shrub. You will need to carry out 2 treatments at intervals of a week.

Is it possible to feed petunia seedlings

Petunia seedlings are fed both by foliar and root method. The working fluid is prepared at the rate of one ampoule per liter of water. To prevent the seedlings from stretching, two sprays with an interval of one week are enough.

Security measures

The "Athlete" feed belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity. Despite the relative safety of the drug for humans, work clothes and gloves are used during processing.

Application errors

If a long-term transportation of seedlings is planned, it is not worth treating it with fertilizer, this will negatively affect the development of the root system. Watering with plain water should be carried out no earlier than three days after using the fertilizer.

If, after spraying, whitish spots appear on the leaves, these are signs of the development of phytotoxicity, which could be provoked by a significant excess of the dosage indicated in the instructions. Also, this phenomenon is observed after processing at an elevated air temperature (more than 25).

Combination with other substances

The only thing that is allowed to combine "Athlete" is copper sulphate, in this case the plants have additional protection against late blight infection.

Storage and shelf life

The fertilizer is kept in the utility room, which is locked. It should be dry and dark in there. The expiration date indicated by the manufacturer is 2 years.


If necessary, you can replace the "Athlete" with such drugs as "Antivylegach", "Tour" or "Kornevin".

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