Why guinea fowls scream and what to do to stop them, reasons for behavior

Why guinea fowls scream and what to do to stop them, reasons for behavior

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Guinea fowls are considered promising birds for home keeping. They have delicious meat, eggs, which are twice as useful as chicken. These birds are undemanding in terms of care, feed on their own in the warm season, destroy pests in the garden, rarely get sick and get along well with other inhabitants of the household. Why not every farmer dares to keep them? The point is in the harsh and unpleasant voice of the birds. Why do the guinea fowls constantly scream?

Why do guinea fowls scream

These close relatives of domestic chickens are naturally considered a noisy species. In the wild, birds emit a characteristic nasty cry to communicate with each other, in case of fright or as a signal about found food. After all, all individuals feed together.

For a farmer living in a private house, guinea fowls can be a real problem. Few of the neighbors will enjoy the heart-rending cry of birds, which sometimes does not subside even at night. The sound of one bird resembles the sound of a whole flock of rooks, but what if there are 10 or more such "singers" on the farm? Noisiness is a normal condition in guinea fowls. This is how the birds inform each other about their location. And for the owner, this behavior is a signal that the birds are full, healthy and happy with everything.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Guinea fowls begin to bawl when they reach puberty (18-22 months), the young behave relatively quieter: they squeak, coo.

What if the birds are screaming nonstop?

When the cry of specific pets starts to annoy too much, then it's time to think about why this is happening. And how to eliminate unpleasant noise.

Unnatural causes of screaming:

  1. Something frightens the birds. Perhaps the guinea fowls are adjacent to something or someone that drives them into panic. In this case, it is better to relocate the colorful family to a new place.
  2. They don't have enough space. Accustomed to free-range guinea fowl, once in a cramped aviary, will be outraged. The solution is to allow the birds to graze more. Even if some of them fly away, it's not scary, in a couple of days the gulen will return home.
  3. Little feed. In winter, when birds are unable to feed on their own, they will have competition for food. Naturally, the most hungry will scream so that in the end they will raise the whole flock to their ears.

If there are no obvious reasons, and the guinea fowl yell day and night, then you can try to drown out the brawlers in two ways:

  1. Keep them in a soundproof shed. However, not everyone can afford to equip a utility room this way.
  2. To fence off a separate territory for birds in the summer so that they have enough space, but there was no opportunity to fly away: cover a 20-30 square meter plot of land with nylon, netting over trees and bushes. There guinea fowls should feel safe and graze.

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