Description of the Vovchik tomato variety, cultivation features and yield

Description of the Vovchik tomato variety, cultivation features and yield

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For lovers of low-growing tomatoes for growing, there are many varieties with a height of no higher than 50 centimeters. But not all of them boast of abundant fruiting. Another thing is the Vovchik tomato, gardeners leave positive reviews about this variety, we will find out why.

Description of tomatoes Vovchik

The variety was bred by breeders for outdoor cultivation. Early ripe variety - fruiting occurs 90–100 days after seed germination. The plant grows in different agrofirms in different ways. For "Aelita" it is determinant, it grows up to 50 centimeters. Gossort has an indeterminate, tall man. When landing, this fact should be taken into account.

The determinant plant has small, green leaves. They require pinching in the initial period of growing.

Fruits are flat-round in different sizes. On the lower brushes, up to 250 grams are ripened, above - 100-120 grams. The taste is excellent, sweet with sourness, the flesh is slightly bland, pale pink. In the fruit, from 4 to 6 seed chambers are formed. When ripe, there is no green spot near the stalk. The yield of the variety is high. Those who planted, judging by the reviews, the bushes are strewn with fruits.

Suitable for universal use, due to its taste it is consumed fresh and pickled. Vovchik will make delicious tomato juice and sauce.


Due to its growth, the bush is compact, therefore it does not take up much space in the garden, in view of this, a number of advantages can be distinguished:

  1. Convenient to care for, water.
  2. Tomatoes taste and smell great.
  3. Any preservation is made of these tomatoes, and thanks to long-term storage, they are grown for sale.
  4. The variety is resistant to many diseases such as fusarium and vercellosis.
  5. No garter required.

Agrotechnical cultivation

Tomatoes can be grown in seedlings, so before planting plants in the ground, the seeds must be germinated. Nowadays, peat tablets are popular. A seed sits in them, is watered and germinated under cellophane. When she sprouts, the cellophane is removed and continued to grow until two leaves appear.

After a pick is carried out, the sprout together with the tablet is planted in separate glasses and sprinkled with earth. They are grown before transplanting into the ground.

Depending on the region and place of cultivation, planting is carried out from early May to early June. Take into account the air temperature. If planted during night frosts, the plants will die or grow poorly.


Further, in the process of plant growth, if necessary:

  • tie up;
  • stepchildren;
  • watered;
  • weed.

The main indicator of the need for watering is dry land. Tomatoes do not tolerate drying out of the soil, so frequent watering and loosening of the soil must be carried out. Then the tomatoes will ripen faster and keep longer.

Plant fertilization is applied 3-4 times per season. They use organic and mineral fertilizers. Plants are fed:

  1. During the growth of seedlings.
  2. After transplantation to the main site of growth (after 2 weeks).
  3. During flowering;
  4. When the tomatoes are ripe.

When feeding plants and fruits, they receive the nutrients necessary for the growth and ripening of fruits.

It's also important to keep track of growth and development. Examine the bushes. Whoever grew tomatoes knows that when rot or gray spots appear on any part of the bush, they are treated with fungicides. Earlier, without waiting for the appearance of the disease, preventive treatment of plants against diseases is carried out.

With proper care of tomato plants, you will definitely get a rich harvest of juicy and ripe tomatoes.

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