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White plaque on ficus after watering

White plaque on ficus after watering

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Good afternoon, I would like to know if anyone came across something like this: I pour ficus on the veranda, there are white traces on it, clearly in the places of droplets. Is it water related or can it get sick?


Is there a photo? in words it is not clear

Is there a photo? in words it is not clear

not on hand, at work now (well, they are such small white dots

Perhaps a fungus, is there white on the earth?

No, nothing on earth

Perhaps because of the water it means, because if it is a fungus, then it is on the earth too. Where do you get the water from?

From the well, deep enough, so it should be clean

Pure is pure, but there may be impurities. Plaque is from increased iron content. Check better just in case, take to the lab, there they will do the analysis.

I really tell you, the water is clean, we drink right from the tap

Well, drink)) Only then if health problems begin - remember) it is not only harmful to plants

How do you drink it yourself?

From the well, but there is still a filter there, by the way if you are worried about money, look at Equols. It turned out relatively cheaper than usual))

hmm, thanks, look, find out more