Characteristics of the tomato variety Melody F1 and its yield

Characteristics of the tomato variety Melody F1 and its yield

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The very early Melody tomato, belonging to the Dutch selection, has won the recognition of vegetable growers due to its excellent fruit quality, early ripening and high yields. Varieties such as Melody are in high demand in the early production market.

Varietal specification

Melody belongs to the hybrid forms of F of the first generation, in which heterotic characters are clearly manifested - strong growth and abundant fruiting. Can be grown both in greenhouses and in beds in the open field, suitable for temporary film greenhouses.

Type of bush - indeterminate compact with shortened internodes. In greenhouses, the height of plants does not exceed 1.8 - 2.0 m, in open ground - 1.5 m. The ripening period is super early, from seed germination to the first ripe fruit is less than 90 days, from planting seedlings on a garden bed - about 35 - 40 days. These features form the unique qualities of this variety.

Ripe fruits are deep red, rounded, slightly flattened, the largest have ribbing. In general, each tomato is very even, one to one. The description of professional vegetable growers given to this hybrid Melody F1 indicates that the mass of fruits is not lower than 250 g and averages from 260 to 280 g. Average yield from 1 m2 is 8 kg. The tomato is of excellent quality, firm, and has a delicious taste.

Its purpose is universal: fresh consumption, in salads, preparation of juices, tomato paste, whole-fruit canning, transportation to remote regions.

How to grow a Melody in a greenhouse

The best results of the variety in terms of yield and quality of fruits are obtained in winter-spring and summer-autumn turns, the plants can not be supplemented. This growing technology is very economical. In greenhouses, tomatoes are placed in rows every 1 m, in each row there are two rows at a distance of 60 cm from each other, in a row the plants are planted every 50 cm so that the bushes are staggered. The lower leaves are gradually broken off, the stepsons are removed when they do not exceed 2 - 2.5 cm in length, with a processed tool.

In order for the fruits to be of good quality, their quantity must be normalized. Leave 6 or 7 strongest brushes on the bush. In the first clusters there are no more than 4 fruits, and in the upper ones - no more than 5. The originator of the variety recommends that the first two dressings be carried out with a high content of phosphorus - its content should be about 5 times higher than nitrogen and potassium.

Top dressing scheme:

  • 1st - 10 days after disembarkation: urea + double superphosphate + potassium chloride;
  • 2nd - after 10 days;
  • 3rd - after 10 days (the ratio of the elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is approximately the same);
  • 4th and 5th - during the flowering period 5 - 6 brushes (phosphorus is 5 times more);
  • 6th - at the moment of active maturation) phosphorus is reduced by half, potassium increases by 1.5 - 2 times);
  • 7th - after 10 days (potassium increases 2.5 - 2.7 times).

When apical rot appears on ripening fruits, calcium nitrate is added to the sixth and seventh dressings.

Reviews of the tomato Melody

During the period of its presence on the Russian market, this variety has only positive reviews:

  • very dense fruits that are used for salads, fresh addition to hamburgers and sandwiches, in conservation;
  • the first among other varieties to yield a crop in a greenhouse;
  • does not suffer from fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus, verticillosis, is not affected by a nematode;
  • sets fruit well.

According to reviews, the Melody F1 tomato variety surpasses many other tomatoes in terms of its characteristics.

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