Characteristics and description of the Morozko tomato variety

Characteristics and description of the Morozko tomato variety

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Getting a very early harvest of tomatoes is the dream of any gardener. If desired, you can use Morozko hybrid tomato. This variety has received widespread acceptance among summer residents and farmers. These tomatoes are suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. It has been listed in the State Register since 2006 as a variety cultivated in the Central Black Earth Region.

Description of the variety

Bushes are small (determinant variety). The leaves are dark green. The beginning of fruit ripening falls on 90 - 95 days after the appearance of massive entrances. The variety has an increased yield. With proper agricultural technology, it is possible to collect at least 6 kg of tomatoes from one bush.

When growing them on an industrial scale, 188–241 centners per hectare of tomatoes of the Morozko variety are harvested on farms. In the most successful years, harvests were recorded up to 500 c / ha. The marketability of the crop ranges from 59 to 63%. When stored in cool rooms of vegetable stores, it is possible to save the harvested tomatoes for 1 - 2 months.

The characteristics of this hybrid variety indicate that the tomato grows and bears fruit successfully even under unfavorable weather conditions for cultivation.

Possesses increased resistance to diseases (especially fusarium and TMV). A pinching process is required, although the number of stems to be cut is small.

After the fifth inflorescence has appeared, pinch the top of the bush, limiting its further growth. Plant height usually reaches 75 cm (if grown in greenhouse conditions) and up to a meter in open areas. Up to 6 tomatoes ripen in one brush. As with all hybrid varieties, seeds for growing seedlings must be purchased from specialized retail outlets.

The main advantages and disadvantages of Morozko

Positive qualities of the variety:

  • the possibility of growth and fruiting under different weather conditions;
  • the score on the scale of tasting tests is 5 out of 5 possible;
  • resistance to typical tomato diseases.

The main and almost the only drawback that gardeners complain about is the need to pinch the bushes.

Fruit characteristics

Tomato Morozko F1 has a slightly pronounced ribbing and flattened shape. The peel of tomatoes is smooth, with a glossy surface. The poured fruits have a light emerald color, and after ripening they acquire a bright red. Resistant to cracking.

Tomatoes have 3 - 4 seed chambers. The pulp has a barely audible sourness. The description of the variety notes that the fruits are small in size, have an average weight of 50 - 75 g, and the largest specimens reach 200 g. Excellent taste. Tomatoes are used for fresh consumption, tomatoes are suitable for processing.

Growing rules

This variety can be grown in different conditions: in a greenhouse or in open beds. The grown seedlings are planted in the soil at the age of 50 - 55 days after planting the seeds. Tomatoes must be fed with mineral and organic fertilizers.

For 1 sq. m 2 - 3 plants are planted in a greenhouse and 3 - 4 - when planting under a film or in open ground. The tomato has a small leafiness of the stems. It is necessary to form 4 - 5 inflorescences. The strongest and largest fruits are considered to be the 2 lower clusters.

In greenhouse conditions, there is no need for pinching, but when grown in open areas, excess stems are cut off. The main shoot is formed under the fifth inflorescence. The garter of the stems in the Morozko variety is not required. The more fruits there are on the bush, the longer it takes for them to ripen. If you carry out pinching, the crop can be harvested much earlier.

How to grow an early tomato

Tomatoes taste the most with the right combination of sugars and acids - a product of sunlight and photosynthesis.

Early varieties are often less tasty than late to mid-ripening tomatoes, as they spend less time in the sun. But if grown correctly, early varieties can produce very tasty fruits.

Sowing begins with planting the seeds 5 to 6 weeks before the last expected frost. After 2 to 3 weeks, they are transplanted into other containers to allow the root system to develop freely.

Sun access

The seedlings must be placed so that they have access to sunlight for at least 16 hours. For this, fluorescent lamps are installed. The site for planting seedlings in the ground is selected in such a way as to ensure the supply of sunlight for 8 hours.

Heating the soil

The soil is warmed up before planting. A black film is laid on top of the soil for about 7 to 10 days, then holes are cut out in it for planting seedlings when the necessary time comes.

Planting process in the hole

When planting plants in the soil, make sure that the upper leaves are above the surface, lowering the stem down to form additional roots.

A handful of well-rotted compost, manure, bone meal or other organic fertilizer for tomatoes, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, which are necessary for the development of the root system, are placed below the hole.

Plants must be planted at a sufficient distance so that the bushes can freely receive air and sunlight, which is especially important for early varieties of tomatoes. Stepchildren should be removed to get earlier tomatoes.


The soil must be moist, not dry, for flowering and fruit flow. Intensive irrigation is stopped a few days before the expected harvest. This ensures the concentration in the fruit of sugar and flavor.


Irina G., Belgorod region: “I have been engaged in gardening for over 20 years. I like to plant different varieties of tomatoes. Hybrid Morozko planted for the first time this year. I can say that the cultivation was not very difficult. I was impressed by the early ripening of the tomato ”.

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