Description of the tomato variety Atlantis, cultivation features and yield

Description of the tomato variety Atlantis, cultivation features and yield

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Tomato Atlantis is a worthy representative of tall varieties of tomatoes. The fruits of this species are famous for their outstanding size and pleasant taste.


Early maturing semi-determinant variety. Plant height 1.8–2 m. In greenhouse conditions, the bushes grow large. Due to this growth, it is recommended to tie up and pinch the tomatoes. It is best to form the plant into 2 or 3 stems.

On one hand, from 4 to 7 fruits are tied. The tomatoes are rounded, flattened. The skin is smooth and shiny. The pulp is both firm and tender. In technical ripeness, they are pale green, and when ripe, they are bright red. Fruit weight 300-400 g. With good care, tomatoes grow up to 600 g. Delicious tomatoes with a pronounced tomato flavor.

The variety is suitable for garden and greenhouse cultivation. The fruits are recommended for fresh consumption and for the preparation of tomato juices and pastes.

Features of growing and care

The first stage of plant cultivation is sowing. Seeds are buried in the soil 55-60 days before planting in the ground. The most favorable conditions for the emergence of sprouts are + 23– + 25 ⁰С. To prevent the seedlings from stretching, the room temperature is reduced to + 18– + 20 ⁰С. Mandatory care manipulations:

  • Watering. Vegetable crops do not require a lot of moisture. In order for the plants of the Atlantis variety to develop normally, water is added once a week. The main rule of tomato health is to underfill rather than overflow. High humidity coupled with low temperature is a catalyst for fungal diseases. Therefore, it is better that watering is rare and abundant. Watering tomatoes every day is not recommended.
  • Dive. If the tomatoes were originally sown in one container, it is most likely that the distance between the shoots is not enough for normal growth. In this case, when the seedlings release 2-3 leaves, they are transplanted into separate pots. Tomatoes are planted on the garden bed after the formation of 5-6 leaves. As a result of a double transplant, the root system grows strongly and the plants receive more nutrients, which has a beneficial effect on their productivity.
  • Garter. Based on the characteristics provided by the manufacturer, Atlantis tomatoes need support. To do this, pegs made of metal or wood are driven in at a distance of 10 cm from the plants that have taken root in a permanent place. On large beds, trellises are used.
  • Top dressing. To provide tomatoes with nutritious nutrition, organic and mineral fertilizers are applied. During the period of active growth, the composition of the purchased mixtures should include a sufficient amount of nitrogen. For the development of fruits during the fruiting period, the bushes need potassium and phosphorus.

Only if all these recommendations are fulfilled, the description will be 100% consistent with the result.


Gardeners, who have at least once grown a large-fruited variety with an unusual name, assure that the bushes and fruits fully correspond to the declared characteristics. According to most gardeners, these tomatoes have no drawbacks. The main feature of the Atlantis variety, like all tall tomatoes, is the need for a garter.

Have you grown a "mysterious" variety? How did the plants show themselves? Please leave feedback so that growers can weigh all the pros and cons and make the right choice.

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