Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry miracle, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry miracle, its yield

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One of the most famous varieties is the Golden Raspberry Miracle tomatoes. Their popularity is due to the unique bright color of ripe fruits, soft structure, huge size and excellent taste.

The indisputable advantages of this complex are noted not only by the numerous reviews of summer residents, but also by representatives of the Russian agro-industrial exhibition, who awarded the variety with a gold medal. It was this fact that served as the beginning of the breeding of several series of tomatoes, each of which has its own individual characteristics.


The unique qualities of the Raspberry Miracle tomato variety aroused unprecedented interest in breeders. In the course of their long-term work, several hybrids were bred, in each of which all the significant and minor shortcomings of past representatives were eliminated.

Today, 15 varieties have been recorded that are part of this collection, which are divided into three series: each has individual external, taste, and fruitful characteristics.

First episode

The first series includes 5 hybrids:

  1. A bright robin is an early ripe hybrid that yields a harvest 90 - 100 days after planting. It is unpretentious, has a high yield: an average of 15 kilograms of vegetables are harvested from 1 square meter. Tomatoes, with an average weight of 550 g, are characterized by an interesting taste that many summer residents compare with ripe watermelon.
  2. Crimson Sunset is a mid-early hybrid. The first harvest can be obtained after 90 - 110 days from the moment the seedlings are transplanted into the ground. Ripe vegetables are characterized by a round shape and an average weight of 400 - 700 g. Almost all tomatoes ripen at the same time. The skin has a bright shade, similar to the pink of the berry of the same name, and the pulp has a rich sweetish aftertaste. It is characterized by tall growth: in a greenhouse, the bush can grow up to 200 centimeters. The hybrid was launched in 2008. During this time, he managed to get high marks and positive reviews from gardeners for his productivity: on average, 14-18 kilograms of vegetables can be harvested from 1 square meter of plantings. Another advantage is disease resistance, with the exception of top rot. There is also a drawback: the bush is very moody and requires proper watering, lighting and temperature conditions.
  3. Raspberry-berry is a variety characterized by medium-sized vegetables, the average weight of which ranges from 300 to 500 g. A ripe tomato has a bright color and juicy pulp. It is used for growing crops not only in greenhouse conditions, but also outdoors. The hybrid is picky about certain irrigation and lighting conditions.
  4. The creation of Raspberry Wine, which is also called a miracle, dates back to 2009. Tomato harvest Raspberry miracle ripens 107 days after transplanting into the ground. Ripe fruits are round and pink in color. Their average weight is 300 g. The harvested crop can be transported over long distances and stored until winter.
  5. The Raspberry Paradise variety allows you to grow tomatoes with a sweetish fruity flavor. This culture is early maturing: the average ripening period is 90 days. In greenhouse conditions, the bush can grow up to 2 meters in height. Average weight - 550 grams, fruit with a round shape with a characteristic ribbing in the area of ​​the stalk.

Each variety described is popular with gardeners.

Second episode

Description of the tomato Raspberry miracle also tells about the characteristics of the 2 series of tomatoes:

  1. The raspberry king is distinguished by fruits that have a fleshy juicy pulp that protects a dense skin from cracking, weighing 400 grams. This type is distinguished by a rounded flattened, ribbed shape of tomatoes, ripening 90 - 110 days after planting the seedlings.
  2. Raspberry joy bears fruit with tomatoes, the average weight of which is 225 grams. The crop is distinguished by its sugary pulp and delicate texture. The bush forms large clusters: after the first crop has been harvested from planting, an intensive build-up of mass begins on the remaining bunches. Fruiting lasts until the onset of cold weather.
  3. The raspberry dream is distinguished by its unpretentiousness to weather conditions: the ovary can appear not only during the sunny period, but also during the rainy season. The average fruit weight is 600 grams. Tomatoes are distinguished by their bright color, excellent taste. This variety is included in the group of early ripening tomatoes, as it yields 90 days after planting.
  4. Raspberry bison is distinguished by a spherical shape of the fruit, which has a bright pink hue. Reviews of summer residents note that the average weight of the fruit is somewhere in the range of 0.5 kilos. The brushes are densely covered with fruits, therefore the description of the variety states that the tomato gives a high yield, provided that it is used for planting a small plot of land.
  5. Raspberry coveted. The main distinguishing feature of the bush is its dense foliage, which creates an active contrast with ripe tomatoes. Such a plant is often planted to decorate a summer cottage. The crop ripens 95 days after planting the plant in a greenhouse or open ground. The average weight of a vegetable is 600 grams.

Tomatoes Raspberry Miracle 2 series differ in limited height: any of the representatives of this group can grow up to 90 - 100 centimeters. These tomatoes produce large fruits that are not suitable for whole canning.

Third episode

There is another series of tomatoes Raspberry Miracle. It includes 5 hybrids:

  1. The raspberry bunny is characterized by a 100-day ripening period, excellent fruiting in cool weather, juicy sweet fruits with a rounded shape and a weight of 0.6 kilos.
  2. The raspberry bogatyr is a high-yielding hybrid, characterized by a weight of ripening fruits of 0.6 - 0.8 kilograms. This variety is easy to care for and ripens at any temperature. Reviews of gardeners agree on one thing that such tomatoes look like large raspberries. Another positive characteristic is early maturity: the first crop is harvested 90 days after planting the seedlings.
  3. The raspberry heart has the following features: a high yield obtained from small bushes 60 - 80 centimeters high, an average ripening period of 90 days, a heart-shaped tomato with sugar pulp and a weight of 250 grams. Most often, such vegetables are used by gardeners for canning.
  4. Raspberry surprise is distinguished by a developed root system, unpretentiousness. This variety was bred by selection for the minimum participation of the gardener in the process of crop growth. You can get the first harvest 95 days after planting the plant. Growing this variety allows you to get 400-gram fleshy juicy vegetables that have a round flattened shape;
  5. Raspberry popsicle. Seeds of tomatoes of this variety and the grown crop are characterized by unpretentiousness to weather conditions, they perfectly tolerate prolonged precipitation and cold weather. The average weight of tomatoes reaches 0.4 kilos, their ripening period is 80 - 105 days. The fruits are distinguished by their bright shade and elongated shape.

Tomato seeds Raspberry Miracle 3 series have a long shelf life: they retain their ability to germinate for 15 years.

This tomato complex was developed at the Scientific Institute located in Chelyabinsk. An interesting feature of the series is its unpretentiousness to weather conditions, an impressive mass of ripe fruits, their taste, meatiness, and an interesting appearance. The disadvantages of the complex include average resistance to brown, brown spot, top rot. The grown bushes are often attacked by rootworm nematodes, whiteflies, and spider mites.

To avoid the appearance of the described diseases and pests, seedlings must be planted only in disinfected soil. It is necessary to regularly inspect the bushes for damage to fruits and greens, and if necessary, immediately process them.