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Perennial flowers for Siberia

Hello! Please tell me which flowers will grow well in Siberia, on the shadow side (the sun comes in the evening). It is advisable to have perennial. Thanks in advance!


Pauline, in fact, a rather big choice. The main thing is to determine which particular perennials you are interested in: short, medium or tall. Perennial low-growing primroses adapted to northern climatic conditions: primroses (Arctic red, Bicolor calypso, Yellow eye, Blue, White, etc.), daisies, snowdrops (Snowy, Broadleaf), lily of the valley (Pansies), Medium-sized ones showed themselves well : tulips, especially early terry varieties (Bonanza, Carleton), daffodil (Mount Hood, Birheba, Inglescomb, Snowball, etc.), iris (Bearded, Siberian), etc ... Tall varieties of flowers: phlox, genuine present, roses (with proper care), New Belgian aster. Perennials with decorative foliage: chrysanthemums, rudbeckia, phlox, doronicum, burning clematis.