Description and characteristics of Elizaveta strawberries, planting and care

Description and characteristics of Elizaveta strawberries, planting and care

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A plant such as the Elizabeth strawberry variety was bred for a long time, but, despite this, it enjoys well-deserved popularity among gardeners. The reason for this is the characteristics of the berry and its ability to bear fruit several times per season. Large and sweet-tasting berries, suitable for making compotes, preserves and jam - these are the main advantages of the Elizaveta variety.

Description and characteristic features of the variety

Strawberries have their own characteristics, for this reason, despite the high competition, they are often found on the plots. By its nature, the variety is unpretentious, does not require careful maintenance, bears fruit from May to October, which allows you to collect a decent harvest of berries.

Plant features

There are 2 varieties with a similar name: Strawberry Elizabeth and Strawberry Elizabeth 2, which is often called "Ekaterina". Consider the main features of the variety and its characteristics:

  1. A repair berry that begins to bear fruit at the end of May.
  2. The plant ties the buds in the fall, this fact is due to the appearance of fruits at such an early date.
  3. At the same time, strawberries love warmth, they are afraid of frost, and for the winter they need to be covered with a film, preferably in several layers.
  4. The plant can hardly be called whimsical, but it loves warmth, for this reason it is better to grow it in a warm climate or in a polycarbonate greenhouse.


The first fruits should be expected at the end of May. If the climate in the region is warm, then the plant continues to bear fruit until mid or late October. During this period, it is possible to collect at least 3 crops.


At their core, berries are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • are large, up to 100-110 grams;
  • tolerate transportation well;
  • used to create blanks;
  • have a sweet, juicy pulp.

Over time, closer to autumn, the taste of the fruit changes, the sweetness goes away, due to the lack of sunlight. The peculiarity of the variety is considered just the size of the fruit and its appearance - by their nature, the berries are large, have a bright, red tint.

Pros and cons of strawberries

The variety has its own characteristics, but since it has a significant number of advantages, even novice gardeners can start growing Elizabeth's strawberries.

Gardeners distinguish several advantages of the variety:

  1. It is the ability to bear fruit throughout the summer and fall.
  2. The size of the berries, their ability to maintain firmness for a long time.
  3. The transportation of fruits is carried out freely, without serious difficulties.
  4. Comparative frost resistance of bushes.
  5. Good plant immunity, ability to withstand major diseases and pests.
  6. Productivity should also be considered an advantage of the variety, since 10 kilograms of berries can be harvested from one square meter.
  7. Taste characteristics of fruits: sweetness, firm pulp.

But, despite such an abundance of advantages, strawberries have a number of disadvantages that should be taken into account by gardeners who decide to start growing Elizabeth:

  1. Intolerance to sudden temperature fluctuations. If you want to harvest at the end of May, then take care of the bushes. After all, the buds have already formed and, despite the fact that the plant itself successfully tolerates frosts up to 30 degrees, the buds may not survive such cold.
  2. If the bush suffers a strong rise in temperature, overheats, then it will stop growing.
  3. With abundant watering or frequent rains, the taste of the fruit changes, the berries become watery, the sweetness disappears.
  4. The plant also has one more feature - strawberries suck out all the nutrients from the soil, so every 2 years it needs to be transplanted. Top dressing and partial land replacement will not help correct the situation.

Attention! If the plant is not transplanted, left in the same place, then for 3 years the yield indicator will change significantly. The berries will become smaller and their flavor characteristics will change.

Raising Queen Elizabeth 2

Garden strawberries of this variety are considered unpretentious, which means that even a novice sensor can grow them on a garden plot. However, you should not relax, since certain problems may arise in the process.

In order not to face various troubles, we will consider the main features of growing a variety.

Garden bed preparation and timing

If we talk about the timing of planting, then it is best to plant the plant in early spring or in the middle of summer.

How to prepare the soil for planting bushes:

  1. We'll have to start preparing in the fall, it is recommended to dig up the earth, remove the roots of plants and appease with humus. Mineral fertilizers will help increase the yield.
  2. We observe the norms of the distance between the bushes; the gap should be 20-25 centimeters.
  3. The distance between the rows should not exceed 70 centimeters.
  4. If you are planting bushes in 2 rows, then observe an interval of 30 centimeters.

The landing site should be sunny, blown from all sides. Many gardeners prefer to plant strawberries on agrofibre, which allows them to warm the plant, as well as increase the yield of the berry.

Selection and preparation of planting material

You can also grow strawberries in cups, on the window, for this you will need:

  • prepare the soil and plant the seeds in late January, early February;
  • it is necessary to press the seed a little, press it to the ground, but do not make a depression for seedlings;
  • it would be nice to use film or glass, but you will have to periodically remove the film or glass to ensure the circulation of air masses;
  • strawberry seeds have poor germination, this should be taken into account.

When the first leaves appear on the sprouts (usually 2 leaves are waiting for the appearance), they are dived into separate cups. It is advisable to temper the strawberries. If you are using purchased seedlings, then pay attention to the condition of the plant: the leaves should be of a uniform green shade, without dots and blotches. The appearance of yellowness is also unacceptable.

Planting process

The planting is carried out in prepared soil, holes are made in it with a depth of 30 centimeters. The best is the land with peat and sand. You can use mineral fertilizers.

The nuances of strawberry care

Any plant requires care; in relation to strawberries, it is necessary to take into account the nuances that are considered a significant component of such procedures.

Top dressing

Preference is given to mineral fertilizers. You will have to feed the bushes regularly, throughout the summer, otherwise it is unlikely that you will be able to get the desired harvest. But, despite all the efforts, strawberries will significantly change the characteristics of the soil, so after 2 years you will have to choose and prepare another place.


You will have to water the strawberries sparingly, avoiding high humidity, since this will significantly change the yield indicator, and also negatively affect the taste characteristics of the berries.

Weed control

The mulching procedure has been widely used by gardeners in recent years. It allows you to reduce the amount of watering, as well as avoid frequent weeding.

If you are not using straw, remove the weeds regularly, preferably after each watering.

Loosening the soil

Frequent loosening of the soil is not required. If you cover the ground with straw, then after removing it, be sure to carry out a similar procedure, as well as with each replacement. Loosening the soil too often is not worth it.

Tip: if you want to get large fruits, then during flowering, remove excess shoots and whiskers, this will allow you to collect large fruits.

Reproduction methods

There are only three ways to propagate strawberries - you can use plant seeds, a mustache, and also resort to dividing the bushes.


Propagation of a plant with a mustache is the easiest way, which is considered natural. The whiskers sprout from the rosettes, they take root in the soil, forming a new bush. Whiskers appear immediately after planting the plant in the ground, but strawberries begin to multiply after the end of the growing season.

By dividing the bush rosettes

The procedures are carried out at the beginning of summer, so that the plant is strong and ready for winter. This method is resorted to only if there is an acute shortage of planting material. Strawberries must be at least 3 years old, by this time a large number of shoots are formed, which can be separated and planted in the soil. For bushes 1-2 years old, this method is not applicable.

Seed method

It implies the use of ripe fruits, from which the top layer is cut off and dried on a canvas. When the drying is complete, the starting material will have to be sieved, preferably sorted out. It is believed that seeds retain their germination for 4 years.

This method is good for small-fruited strawberry varieties that have little or no whiskers. Breeders resort to it in pursuit of one goal - to bring out a new berry variety, since not all characteristics of the mother plant are transferred to the bushes grown through the seed.

Diseases and pests

The variety is distinguished by good immunity, therefore, diseases rarely affect it, and Elizabeth is not very attractive for pests. Often strawberries are affected by the weevil. To get rid of it or avoid the appearance of a pest, it is necessary to sprinkle the leaves of the plant with tobacco dust. If you are afraid of diseases, then treat the soil with Fitosporin or Integral.

Growing strawberries is not such a difficult task if you follow all the rules and follow the recommendations of experienced gardeners. If you decide to choose Elizabeth, you will not go wrong, since this variety does not require special care, but at the same time it has a high yield, which will certainly delight and surprise.

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