Description of the Kupets tomato variety, its characteristics and yield

Description of the Kupets tomato variety, its characteristics and yield

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Tomato "Merchant" f1 is a mid-early semi-determinant tomato hybrid intended for growing in all types of film shelters, less often in open ground. The variety is large-fruited and high-yielding.

Growing features

Seedlings are planted in late March - early April. Soil temperature should be 25-27˚С. The first shoots appear in 7-10 days. The hybrid is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

Diving is carried out in the phase of 1-2 leaves. It is recommended to feed seedlings 2-3 times with mineral fertilizer. When planting seedlings in the ground, they should be placed on one square. meter of plot no more than 3-4 plants. Before planting a tomato, the soil is watered with a solution of potassium humate.

Hybrid care includes the following steps:

  • Regular watering with warm water;
  • Loosening the soil;
  • Use of mineral fertilizers;
  • Maintaining low air humidity (for this, plants are watered after sunset);
  • Weed removal.

Description of fruits

Tomatoes "Kupets" are round, deep red, large, juicy, fleshy. Suitable for fresh consumption and canning.

Benefits of the variety

Tomatoes "Kupets" were bred relatively recently, but have already proven themselves well and won the approval of many gardeners. Here are the main advantages of a hybrid:

  • High productivity;
  • Very long shelf life (up to 6 months fresh);
  • Resistant to fusarium wilt and tobacco mosaic virus.


You can learn more about the main characteristics and positive qualities of the "Merchant" tomato by reading some of the conclusions of gardeners.

  • Hybrid "Merchant-fellow" pleasantly surprised our family of experienced vegetable growers. The variety gave a large yield of large fruits (about 40 kg per square meter). But this is not the most important thing. The main plus is the incredible, unprecedented shelf life. This is just a unique case. We managed to keep them fresh in the refrigerator until the new year! (And without any chemicals). At the same time, the taste of the tomato was no worse than in summer. (Valentina Olegovna, Perm)
  • Having carefully read the characteristics and descriptions of the "Merchant" tomato variety, we decided to plant it in our greenhouse. The hybrid is hardy, unpretentious, disease resistant. The harvest is very good, the fruits are large, juicy, tasty. Stored for a long time. We do not regret our efforts, we will grow more. (Olga Vladislavovna, Kursk region, Zheleznogorsk)

See also

  • The variety "Merchant", or as it is also called "Merchant", I was going to plant for a long time, after reading positive reviews on gardening resources. I live in the Urals, for our latitudes the growing conditions must be greenhouse. The rest of the "Merchant" is unpretentious and easy to maintain. Gives a rich harvest. (Alexandra Ivanovna, Sverdlovsk region)
  • Tomatoes of the "Kupets" variety are ideal for homemade preparations. In the fall, we made juice, tomato paste, lecho and pickled tomatoes in slices from them. It turned out very tasty, the whole family liked it. There are no complaints about the variety. Will definitely grow it again and recommend it to everyone. (Lyudmila Efimovna, Murom)

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