Description of the tomato variety Swat f1, its characteristics and yield

Description of the tomato variety Swat f1, its characteristics and yield

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Swat tomatoes are among the tastiest tomatoes. They are distinguished by a stately powerful bush, on which beautiful fruits of an even rounded shape hang solidly. The variety is universal, undemanding in care, stress-resistant, suitable for growing in any conditions.

Description of the variety

Plants are characterized by pink, smooth, fleshy and very juicy fruits, which sometimes weigh up to 800 g.


  1. seed class: class 1;
  2. type of variety: early, interdeterminant;
  3. purpose: universal;
  4. height: 0.7 m in the open field, up to 1.2 m in the greenhouse;
  5. fruits: round, red-scarlet;
  6. weight: 90-160 g.

Plants have a good balanced taste. The variety's description states that tomatoes can be grown for salads and canning.


When planting, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of hygiene, since the description of the Swat f1 tomato indicates that the infection can get on the seeds through an insufficiently carefully processed container. It is also preferable to carry out all work with gloves or wash your hands from time to time.

Seeds for seedlings are planted between 15-20 March and 30 March. Before planting and before landing in the ground, no more than 60 days should pass. Charcoal drainage and well-mixed seedling soil are poured into the container. Then the soil is moistened, and holes are made in it 1 cm deep, at a distance of 3 cm from each other.

After the seeds are laid, they are covered with dry soil from above and removed to a warm place. The room temperature should be 28–30 ° С.

Compliance with the temperature regime is extremely important, otherwise the seeds will rot or germinate for a long time.

When the first shoots appear, the temperature drops to 15-18 ° C during the day and 10-12 ° C at night. After a week, the temperature rises again to 20-25 ° C during the day, and 12-15 ° C at night.

Care rules

Swat f1 tomatoes require mineral fertilization of the soil before planting in open ground. Planting tomatoes is carried out if the air temperature is above 13-14 ° С.

If the plants are grown by the greenhouse method, good ventilation is important, which will help save them from various diseases, even without the use of processing.

You need to tie up tomatoes 10 days after planting in the garden. In order to achieve a large harvest, one stem is formed from the plant, the rest are stepson.

As it ripens, you need to pick off the lower leaves, partly the middle ones. Timely feeding is required for a good harvest.

To prevent the development of fungal diseases, plants are treated 2-3 times per season using Bordeaux liquid, copper oxychloride.

Gardeners reviews

The description of many gardeners indicates that the tomatoes of the presented variety have an excellent yield, large fruits and very tasty. Tomatoes are beautiful and even as a selection.

Tomatoes have a good harvest, up to 1 bucket of fruit can be harvested from one bush. Resistant to late blight. They belong to all-weather, and regardless of dry or rainy weather, they will delight even novice gardeners.

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