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Technology for growing cucumber Zircon

Interested in the technology of growing cucumber Zircon.


Irina, Zircon cucumbers (f1) are included in the State Register for the North Caucasus Region for outdoor cultivation. Hybrid early ripe, parthenocarpic, salad, canning. It is characterized by high resistance to adverse growing conditions and diseases (powdery mildew and peronosporosis). It is characterized by high productivity, resistance to stress, universal purpose.

Zircon variety is grown like any other cucumber variety by sowing seeds and planting seedlings in open ground or in a greenhouse. I draw your attention to some points. Plant seedlings should be in the phase of 3 leaves. The density of plant standing is very important. Since with a bunch type of flowering, the better the main stem is illuminated, the more ovaries form in each node and go into filling. The recommended standing density is 2.5-3 plants per 1 m2. It is advisable to “blind” the 6 lower nodes of the plant, that is, remove the ovaries in the sinuses. This technique allows the plant to form a powerful root system, and in the future will provide a stable yield of the crop. It is not necessary to pinch them, in the Zircon hybrid (f1) they are marked after the second sheet on their own.