Characteristics and description of the Miracle Walford tomato variety, its yield

Gardeners begin to study the description of vegetable crops of interest even before the start of the summer season. The Walford Wonder Tomato is an excellent variety that will produce a bountiful harvest all summer until the first night frost.

Description of Tomato Miracle Walford

A rare variety of tomatoes, you can buy it in online stores. Tomato variety Wonder Walford from the Siberian Garden belongs to the mid-season. From the moment of sowing seeds for seedlings and until the first red fruits appear, at least 115 days pass.

The main characteristic is an interdeterminate variety, the main stem grows to a height of 2 meters. The bush itself is thin, due to the severity of the fruit, branches can break. Needs a garter to support. There are very few leaves on the plant.

In order to maximize the yield, it is recommended to form a bush in 2 main stems.

In southern latitudes, you can safely plant in open ground. And in the middle lane, tomato should be grown in greenhouses or film shelters.

When growing this variety, it is important not to forget that Miracle Walford tomatoes prefer to grow in open sunny areas and fertile soils.

Description of the fruit of the tomato Miracle Walford

The tomato has a beautiful heart-shaped fruit. Fruits of a rich scarlet hue. The mass of one tomato can reach up to 400 grams. There are very few seeds inside a ripe vegetable. If all the necessary growing conditions are met, more than 6 kg of mature vegetables can be harvested from one bush. One cyst can grow from 6 to 12 fruits.

The Wolford variety from Sibsad is distinguished by the high taste of the fruit. The first ripe tomatoes can be sour, the next ones are very sweet in taste. First of all, tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption or for making light salads.

They can also be canned whole. In the process of salting, the fruits do not crack. Tomatoes make delicious tomato juices and ketchups.

Fruiting lasts until frost.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The Walford tomato has mostly positive reviews. Most often, gardeners note that mature vegetables have an incredible taste. But, despite all the advantages, the plant has several disadvantages.

Description of advantages:

  • Good harvest throughout the growing season;
  • High taste of tomatoes;
  • The fruits are quite large in size;
  • There is a small amount of seeds inside the vegetable;
  • The fruiting period lasts until the first night frosts;
  • Universal use in cooking.

Description of disadvantages:

  • Demanding on the composition of the soil (the soil must be fertile);
  • Thin stems that can break under the weight of vegetables;
  • Garter and pinching required;
  • Seedlings can only be grown in open sunny areas;
  • In the northern regions, it can only be grown in greenhouse conditions.

Features of planting and caring for tomatoes in the open field

The most important stage in growing a tomato is sowing planting material and caring for young seedlings. First of all, so as not to waste time growing "bad" seeds, you can soak them in salt water. 2 tbsp. l. dilute in 100 ml of warm water, add planting material there. Those seeds that have floated to the surface can be thrown out. Those that remain at the bottom can be planted on seedlings.

Prepare the soil for the Miracle Walford tomato seeds in advance. You can bring it from your site, pre-warming up to +17 degrees. Or you can buy a special vegetable mix at the store. Drainage should be laid out at the bottom of the box (these can be small pebbles or pebbles, or crushed eggshell).

Care for all varieties of tomatoes is almost the same. Many gardeners often neglect it, believing that a rich harvest can be obtained without any effort. But without proper care, the harvest can be very poor.

First of all, you need to make sure that the seedling soil is fertile. It will not be superfluous to add mullein or manure before planting in a permanent place. This can be done a week before planting seedlings. For planting young seedlings, it is advisable to choose sunny areas. In the shade, the bushes will be frail, and the vegetables themselves will be small.

The best precursors for tomatoes are legumes, greens, courgettes, or eggplant.

Particular attention should be paid to watering. Plants do not like waterlogging of the soil. If you pour tomatoes, then the vegetables will be watery, and the bushes may begin to rot. The most optimal amount of watering is 2-3 times a week. In the event that there were prolonged rains, then watering can be stopped until the soil is completely dry.

Before watering, you can weed the beds and remove weeds. One weeding per week will be sufficient.

It is also important to regularly apply mineral and organic fertilizers. The first feeding should be carried out immediately after transplanting the seedlings to a permanent place. You can add a solution of manure and superphosphate in the ratio of 1 kg: 25 g per 10 liters of warm water.

The second feeding is carried out already during the growing season. It is necessary for the formation of ovaries to be more active. Walford bushes can be watered with a solution of phosphorus, superphosphate and potassium (in a ratio of 25:20 per 10 liters of warm water). The third feeding is carried out two weeks after the second. If the bushes are healthy and there are a lot of ovaries on them, then the third time fertilization can be omitted.

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