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What varieties of cherries and cherries are the best pollinators

What varieties of cherries and cherries are the best pollinators

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Two marvels of cherries are growing on my site nearby. To improve pollination, I plan to vaccinate in the crowns of trees in spring. Tell me, what varieties of cherries or cherries are the best pollinators?


It must be remembered that trees with a healthy, strong skeleton and annual growth of branches at least 25-30 cm long are suitable for grafting. The optimal age of re-grafted trees is 4-10 years.

It’s a pity you didn’t indicate in which strip of Russia you live, as well as the kind of cherry you want to plant. Since if one variety of cherries or cherries pollinates a self-infertile variety, then it is categorically not suitable for another variety. For example, Vladimirskaya will be a good pollinator for early-flowering varieties Bagryanaya and Moskovsky, and the late-blooming Robin will be successfully pollinated by Shubinka and other varieties of late or medium flowering. To choose a grade for vaccination of the future pollinator, you need to know the grade of your self-infertile cherry.