Features of planting perennial bush flowers in the garden, a description of the best species

Features of planting perennial bush flowers in the garden, a description of the best species

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The most important advantage of perennial bush flowers for the garden is the saving of time and effort for the owner of the site. Once you have placed plants on a flower bed, you can admire the riot of colors for several years throughout the summer season. In the assortment of these crops, each gardener will select an option suitable for his parameters, and caring for such flowers will not cause difficulties even for a beginner. Perennial bush flowers are not pretentious to growing conditions, but this does not in any way affect their appearance and alluring aroma.

Benefits of planting perennial shrubs for the garden

To the pluses of planting such plants on their site or in the garden, summer residents include the following:

  • Saving time and effort - no need to plant flowers annually.
  • Undemanding bush perennial flowers to growing conditions.
  • No need for complicated care.
  • The ability to create compositions from flowers, and even form living barriers from them instead of fences.

Popular shrubs

In the list of perennial bush-type flowers, there are many representatives for every taste. They are chosen based on their tastes and features of the location of the garden.

Park roses

Park roses grow strongly not only in width, but also in height, so they will be the best solution only for decorating a spacious area. It must be remembered that all artificially bred varieties in our regions need shelter for the winter. Among them, there are also re-flowering varieties, so the garden will be enveloped in a magical pink scent throughout the season.

The variety of shades of park roses allows you to create harmonious compositions. Flowers need a low groundwater table, nutritious soil and protection from drafts.

Garden jasmine (chubushnik)

Blooming perennial bushes of the mock-orange look amazing, therefore they are often found in the gardens of domestic summer residents. Their sweetish jasmine scent spreads throughout the area. And the variety of shades and varieties allows you not to think about the choice. The height of the chubushnik varies from 70 cm in dwarf varieties to 6 meters.

When planting, gardeners select varieties of garden jasmine so that the waves of flowering follow one after another. After all, the period of admiring jasmine flowers itself is short - only 2-3 weeks.

Caring for the bushes is standard - timely watering and weeding, fertilization and pruning.


This is a representative of the Heather family, it grows both in the form of a bush and in the form of a tree. In total, there are more than 1000 species of rhododendron, but not all are suitable for cultivation in our latitudes. Its flowers have different shades and look very similar to roses. However, this is not the only thing the plant is valued for - its foliage also looks very decorative.

For planting, frost-resistant varieties are selected that can survive the harsh climate of our regions. The plot, located on the shaded side of the building, and loose, drained and acidic soil are the key to the successful cultivation of perennial shrubs.


This deciduous, flowering shrub is popular not only for its decorative effect. In folk medicine, its medicinal properties are also widely used. Lilac belongs to centenarians; subject to the rules of care, it can decorate the site for up to 100 years.

As a rule, all varieties of lilacs are highly winter-hardy, and some species tolerate a temperature drop down to -60 C. The perennial shrub is not susceptible to major pests and normally tolerates the polluted air of cities, therefore it is often used for landscaping parks and squares. Curbs, hedges are created from it.


Spirea belongs to the Pink family and belongs to deciduous perennial shrubs. Its advantages include increased frost resistance, unpretentious care and a long flowering period. Spirea is used for creating hedges and for group plantings.

The arrangement of white, crimson, pink, carmine flowers depends on the variety - in some they are found only at the ends of the branches, while in others they densely cover the entire stem. Among them there are spring-flowering and summer-flowering species, therefore, several bushes with different flowering periods are planted in order to admire the riot of colors of the garden spirea longer.


A perennial shrub with thin buddley shoots looks decorative. Its advantage is long-term flowering, which begins in spring and lasts until the very frost. White, purple, purple flowers are collected in panicles and in appearance very much resemble lilacs. In addition, buddleya is an excellent honey plant; all bees from nearby apiaries flock to its strong aroma. The main thing in growing a shrub is to provide it with fertile, drained soil and a sunny area. It demonstrates increased resistance to diseases and pests.


In mid-latitudes, preference is given to deciduous hydrangea species that grow in the form of a bush. The first flowers appear on it in spring, and the last ones fade before the beginning of winter. White hydrangea is most commonly found in gardens, but there are varieties with red, pink, blue and cream flowers. This indicator is influenced by the level of acidity of the soil, so sometimes gardeners themselves change the shade of flowers at will.

The main requirement of the shrub is frequent and abundant watering.


Spectacular appearance and undemanding care make this deciduous perennial shrub a leader among gardeners. Weigela got its name in honor of the German botanist and pharmacologist. The shrub is an ideal choice for shady locations where other plants refuse to bloom. The bell-shaped flowers are presented in white, pink, yellow, cream and red flowers. Only spring is suitable for planting weigela, if you do it in winter, the plant will not have time to take root before the first frost and will die.


Magnolia, with its heady scent, is known to thrive only in warm areas. It blooms in early spring and ends in early summer. However, the perennial magnolia shrub is famous not only for its decorativeness - medicines are prepared from its petals, used in the field of cosmetology. And all thanks to the essential oils that are there. When planting a shrub, the most illuminated place is selected, since magnolia requires a lot of sun.


A recognizable feature of the forsythia shrub is the numerous yellow flowers that appear on the plant in early spring. Forsythia belongs to one of the most ancient families - Oilseeds. Its height ranges from 1 to 3 meters. In many European countries, this shrub is considered a symbol of spring and is planted in parks and squares. Another highlight of forsythia is the change in leaf color from green to purple-purple with the arrival of autumn.

Barberry Thunberg

The Thunberg barberry blooms in May. In place of the bell-shaped flowers of the shrub, coral-red berries are tied, reaching ripeness in October. By autumn, the foliage of the barberry changes its color to yellow or bright red. The popularity among gardeners is due to the high frost resistance of the shrub and unpretentious care. For planting it, a sunny area is selected, protected from cold winds.

Common hazel

Many gardeners decide to combine the decoration of the site with benefit, and plant deciduous hazel bushes. Their height varies from 2 to 7 meters, depending on the method of crown formation. This shrub belongs to long-livers, pleases gardeners with a decorative look and fruits up to 100 years old.

Mahonia holly

The evergreen shrub Mahonia holly belongs to the Barberry family. Thanks to the planting of this plant, a beautifully flowering decorative decoration of the site is obtained, and a harvest of tasty and healthy fruits, which is especially important in a limited space.

Mahonia grows slowly, and in our regions it does not exceed one and a half meters in height. Inflorescences, consisting of yellow flowers, adorn the shrub from mid-April to early June. The color of the foliage depends on the season: in spring and summer it is green, in autumn it is crimson-red, in winter it is brown.

Japanese maple

A highly decorative deciduous shrub native to Japan. The growth rate is rather slow, in our conditions they do not exceed 4 meters. The main decoration of the culture is the spreading crown and yellow-crimson foliage. For their landing, a well-lit place is selected, since in the shade the Japanese maple loses its decorative effect.


A characteristic feature of the shrub is considered to be young shoots of a silvery color, which looks very decorative. During flowering, the culture is covered with yellowish-green fragrant flowers. There are no special requirements for the choice of a place for a shrub - it grows both in the sun and in the shade.


Only warm regions are suitable for growing boxwood as a hedge. The main decoration of the shrub is considered to be small glossy leaves, but the flowers are small and inconspicuous. Boxwood is prized by gardeners for its shade tolerance, unpretentious care and for the fact that it responds well to pruning. This allows you to create bizarre shapes of different shapes from the bush.


The spectacular appearance determines the widespread distribution of the vesicle for landscaping the site. It has a spherical dense crown, from which sprawling branches with corrugated large leaves fall.


This shrub is used both for landscaping the site and for obtaining useful fruits. It belongs to long-livers and can reach a height of 9 meters. During the flowering period, it is decorated with milky white or yellow flowers.


If you need to create an impassable fence, then it is better not to find an option than a blackthorn, its sharp and densely located thorns create an insurmountable obstacle to entering the site. And they use the fruits of thorns to prepare aromatic wine for the winter.


Another option for double benefits. On the one hand, low honeysuckle bushes serve as a natural fence or are used for zoning the territory, on the other, useful berries are harvested from the bushes.


An evergreen coniferous shrub that is unpretentious to care for and is not afraid of frost. Fragrant leaves are considered its main decoration. Scientists have proven that juniper cleans the air from gas pollution.


The plant is used to decorate alleys, squares, and create borders. The shade of the needles of an evergreen plant is different and depends on the variety.

How to choose the right shrub?

To choose the right perennial for the site, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Plot size.
  • Difficulty in leaving.
  • Placement location.
  • Purpose of use.

Features of growing and care

Each shrub-type flower has its own growing and care rules.

Some need abundant watering and sun, others need shading and moderate moisture. These parameters are studied before purchasing seedlings.

Examples of flower bed designs

Before starting planning a site for flower beds, they study examples of ready-made options. This will help you avoid mistakes and create harmony in your garden.

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