Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Chocolate

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Chocolate

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Tomato Chocolate f1 is perhaps the most exotic and original variety of all existing varieties of tomatoes. This is a delicious and sweet tomato with a rich chocolate color. Such a favorite of gardeners and gardeners was invented by Russian breeders at the beginning of this century.

Variety characteristics

The description of the variety of this tomato should start with the characteristics of a very beautiful and unusual color scheme of the tomato. Such tomatoes are the only ones in their version, have a rich chocolate glossy tint.

This variety is a semi-determinant hybrid. Its bushes are not standard. These are rather tall pagons, which reach a height of 130-150 cm. The foliage of the bushes is weak, the leaves are dense, medium-sized, saturated with a rich green color.

Reviews of gardeners testify to the extraordinary resistance of this variety to various diseases and pests. And such common problems of tomatoes as root and top rot do not apply to this variety at all.

The characteristics of the variety indicate that such tomatoes grow well both in open soil and in a greenhouse. This type of tomato is medium early. The first harvest of ripe fruits is harvested 110-120 days after planting.

Benefits of the variety

Such tomatoes have a number of advantages:

  1. Large-fruited vegetables.
  2. Extremely high yield.
  3. Good resistance to pests and diseases.
  4. Excellent taste characteristics.
  5. Original and beautiful appearance.
  6. Huge benefits for human health.
  7. Unpretentious care.

It is important to know. Under favorable conditions, up to 15 kg of ripe and tasty vegetables are harvested from one bush per season.

There are practically no disadvantages in this variety. Well, if you really find fault, then of the shortcomings, only a short shelf life of a vegetable can be noted, it does not have too long keeping quality.

This tomato variety forms intermediate inflorescences. The first such inflorescences are observed after 8 leaves, the subsequent ones - literally every two or three leaves. Inflorescences are formed into simple brushes, on which up to 5 fruits are tied and ripen.

The fruits are tomatoes of the correct rounded shape, slightly flattened. The weight of vegetables varies from 200 to 400 grams. The vegetables are quite fleshy and sweet, the content of seeds and dry matter inside the tomatoes is average. Each fruit contains at least 4 seed sacs.

These tomatoes are intended for fresh raw consumption, as well as for the preparation of various dishes, juices, sauces, ketchups. The manufacturer points out the possibility of their conservation, but some housewives note that such fruits are prone to cracking and do not look very good when preserved and lose their elasticity and shape.

Also, those who planted this variety note that the fruits that are plucked a little earlier than full ripening, in the process of ripening on the balcony, retain the density of the peel and do not crack. And those vegetables that are already plucked from the bush in a fully ripe form are much softer and more prone to cracking.

How to grow

If you are going to plant this variety on your site at the first opportunity, then you must follow the standard methods of planting and care.

The experience of those who grew this variety testifies to its excellent survival rate and fruiting throughout the territory of our vast country. The plant must be formed into 2 or three shoots and must be tied up.

The main requirements of the Chocolate tomato are timely and regular watering, fertilizing, loosening the soil, and cleaning weeds.

Observing such simple recommendations, you can please yourself and your family with delicious and sweet tomatoes, and surprise guests with their extraordinary beauty and exclusive color. The benefits of such tomatoes also lie in the tremendous benefits for human health.

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