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Yellowed Orchid Branch

I was given a blooming orchid in August. On it were several more large and small buds, which after a while circled. I was told that this could be due to a lack of light. I rearranged the flower, and it began to recover. Now everything is in order with the flowers. A few old ones faded, but many new ones appeared.

The problem is that part of one of the two main branches has turned yellow. The uppermost part of the twig is green, then about 10 cm yellowed, below again green. Just on the yellow section are 4 new flowers. Please tell me what kind of disease it is, what could provoke it, and how to save my favorite flower. Thank you so much. Regards, Valentine


Yours really turned yellow not a branch, but a peduncle. The flower itself will decide how to deal with the peduncle. You can cut it to the first upper bud (first joint) and if the peduncle does not dry (yellow) further, flower stalks may appear from sleeping buds. You can start feeding with special fertilizer for orchids. But if the orchid decided to relax after flowering, then it itself will dry the entire peduncle. Someone immediately cuts the entire peduncle to give the plant a rest.