Description of the tomato variety Lilac Lake, features of cultivation and reviews of gardeners

Description of the tomato variety Lilac Lake, features of cultivation and reviews of gardeners

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The popularity of tomatoes on the beds and tables of Russians is due to their beneficial properties, good taste and unpretentious cultivation. Every year the number of varieties only increases, more hardy species appear that are capable of producing crops in the most unfavorable conditions. Tomato Lilac Lake will surprise gardeners with fruit color and high yield.

General information about the variety

The plant is suitable for growing in protected and open ground, depending on the region of zoning. Description of the appearance of the plant:

  • Mid-season, berries can be harvested 90–100 days after planting.
  • Semi-spreading bush.
  • The height of the bush in greenhouse conditions is up to 1.5 meters, in open ground 1 meter.
  • Semi-determinant.
  • A large number of brushes.
  • High-yielding.
  • Immunity to most nightshade diseases.
  • Poorly tolerates transportation.
  • Short storage possible.

Positive feedback from gardeners confirms the success of tomato cultivation, even with poor soils and a short cool summer.

Appearance and technical characteristics of tomatoes:

  • Flat-round shape.
  • Fleshy.
  • Not watery.
  • Sweet taste.
  • The pulp is crimson.
  • Large, with an average weight of 350 grams.
  • Thin purple skin interspersed with pearls.
  • High pulp density.
  • Salad destination.

The Lilac Lake tomato is suitable for fresh consumption, it is used as an ingredient in vegetable salads and for self-consumption. The large-fruited variety is suitable for processing. Delicious tomato paste, sauce and pasta are made from the fruit. The berries are canned and pickled.

Growing recommendations

The plant is recommended for seedling planting. It is recommended to start planting work 60–65 days before planting in the ground.

Strong, healthy seedlings are obtained by following a number of recommendations:

  • Preparation of individual containers, peat pots for planting.
  • Purchase of universal soil for tomatoes.
  • Moisten the soil before planting.
  • Planting seeds to a depth of 1.5–2 centimeters.
  • Subsequent moistening of the earth from a spray bottle with water at room temperature.
  • To create a greenhouse effect, it is necessary to cover the sowing with a film.
  • Maintaining the temperature in the room at least 20 degrees.
  • Regular loosening.
  • Moving containers with emerging seedlings to the light source.
  • Regular watering with warm water.
  • Hardening of seedlings 7 days before planting.

IMPORTANT! The best tomato yield is obtained when a plant is formed of 2-3 stems.

The originator advises to plant no more than four tomato bushes on an area of ​​one square meter. In care, the plant is unpretentious, it is enough to follow simple rules of agricultural technology: watering with warm water, loosening and cleaning weeds, feeding, tying and installing supports.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! This summer I discovered the Lilac Lake variety. The lilac color of the berry impressed the whole family. In leaving, the tomato is unpretentious, it requires adherence to simple rules of agricultural technology. The taste is excellent, the fruits are sweet and juicy. I recommend to everyone!

Avilina Nidaleva, 53 years old

Good afternoon! For lovers of delicious and unusual tomatoes, I recommend the Lilac Lake variety. The color of ripe tomatoes resembles lilac. The berries are obtained not only of a beautiful, unusual shade, but also of excellent taste. Sweet, juicy fruits weigh 350 grams each. The yield is high, even under adverse weather conditions.

Valentina Porinova, 54 years old

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