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Isn't it too late to plant cucumbers

Isn't it too late to plant cucumbers

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Do you think it’s too late to re-plant cucumbers if it is still warm by mid-October?


In the greenhouse you can try

After sowing, the first cucumbers usually have 60 days, theoretically purely - why not?

Thanks. I will try

I sowed the third installment on June 15th, already removed 2 cucumbers, Connie and Herman, plant the precocious.

Thank you, we were encouraged, but somehow they already got burned

And you plant in several stages, in our Leningrad region, of course, a different climate. The first 9 pieces were planted on May 1, then, on the 20th of May, the main batch in the greenhouse and on June 15, for a late meal another 10 pieces. Dates of course in different regions are different, but it is very convenient, but you need to take the earliest varieties, plant and don’t think, you will have time to eat.

What varieties are you planting?

There are a lot of different ones, a little Zozulu, Marinda, German, Connie, Magdalena, Patti, Courage, Ginga, Crisp garden, Tufted splendor, well, you won’t remember everything, the main universal use is not to think about what you can salt and what not.

I will plant tomorrow) I always land in the first of August)

I am 09.07.16 I planted cucumbers on the street under bottles from a greenhouse with cotyledon leaves - already most of them, one even with empty flowers. A week of heat, 3 days of rain. North.

Today I planted in a greenhouse)