Popular and popular carrot Carrot

Popular and popular carrot Carrot

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Carrot Carrot belongs to the medium-early high-yielding varieties and is recommended both for fresh use and for processing. The period from seedlings to full technical ripeness and harvesting takes 100-110 days.

Grade description

This extremely popular variety of carrots is well established in household plots in central Russia when sown before winter. The description characterizes the root crop as completely submerged in the soil, conical in shape with a blunt nose, with an average weight of 80 to 160 g.

The pulp is sweet, very juicy, orange-red. Sugar content - 6-8%, carotene - at least 10-13%. The length of the root vegetable ready for harvesting is 9-15 cm. The variety is characterized by resistance to shooting and flowering, has high quality and taste indicators, is resistant to major diseases and pests.

Carrot: variety selection

Landing rules

Rows for carrots should be prepared about a couple of days before sowing. Depending on the type and level of soil fertility, in spring the soil needs to be enriched with basic organic and mineral fertilizers.

If the soil is very acidic, then in the process of digging the ridges for each square meter, approximately one glass of dolomite flour, lime-fluff or ordinary chalk should be added. Also, the soil should contain a significant amount of humus and have good drainage.

Seed should be prepared for sowing in advance: soak the seeds for a couple of hours in room temperature water, place on a damp cloth until swelling, and heat in the refrigerator on the lower shelf for ten days. Before sowing, it is advisable to treat the seeds with insecticides.

The ridges are sprinkled with wood ash, and then form grooves up to 2.5 cm deep. The standard distance between the rows is about 20 cm, and the indent from the edge of the ridge is at least 10 cm. For earlier seedlings, crops are covered with garden wrap or non-woven material. It is necessary to carefully monitor the soil moisture in the ridges, preventing its drying out. A good result is the sowing of seeds in the winter.

Features of agricultural technology

Carrot is easy to care for. It is enough to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • immediately after emergence, very carefully thin out the plantings to prevent their thickening;
  • provide abundant watering of carrots about once every 7-10 days;
  • regularly loosen the beds, especially after watering or heavy rains;
  • feed carrots exclusively with mineral fertilizers. The first top dressing is carried out a couple of weeks after the appearance of mass seedlings, kalimagnesia at the rate of 1 tsp on a bucket of water; in the future, for feeding, 20 g of potassium nitrate, 15 g of double superphosphate and 15 g of urea per bucket of water are used;
  • monitor the cleanliness of the beds, timely removing weeds. From plant parasites, carrots are recommended to be sprayed with a decoction of tomato tops or garlic infusion.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Most often, reviews about this variety widespread in our country are positive. Carrot Carrot is in great demand due to its versatility and increased carotene content: It is suitable for fresh consumption, baby and diet food, as well as any kind of processing.

How to plant carrots

Subject to the timing of sowing and harvesting, as well as proper care, the average yield of carrots is 7.5-8 kg per square meter of planting. The advantage of the variety is also its good keeping quality, which allows preserving the crop with minimal loss of taste and quality of root crops.


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