Strawberry variety "Zarya": recommendations for growing and characterization

Strawberry variety "Zarya": recommendations for growing and characterization

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The domestic variety of Zarya strawberries is known to most gardeners and gardeners in our country. This garden strawberry has become popular due to the possibility of an early harvest. The variety is characterized by a very friendly ripening of berries of uniform color.

"Dawn" was bred by breeders at the experimental station near Leningrad. The description of the variety declares the possibility of growing this strawberry in a private household on the territory of the Non-Chernozem Zone and in Belarus.

Description and features of the variety

Bezosay strawberry called "Dawn" refers to the category of winter-hardy early ripe varieties and is characterized by high yields. Fruits are medium in size, ovoid in shape, bright red surface stain with gloss.

The ripened pulp of dense consistency and very pleasant taste. The average mass of the berries of the first crop reaches 22-24 g. The subsequent harvest is represented by a smaller berry, weighing no more than 7-9 g. The harvested crop is used both in fresh and in processed form. Strawberry bushes are strong, slightly spreading, have short peduncles. Inflorescences are multiflorous. Flowering bisexual. The variety is not resistant to wilting and powdery mildew.

The soil on the site reserved for the cultivation of garden strawberries must be well fertilized, not overdried, but not too moist. If the soil is strongly acidic, it is necessary about a year before planting the berry culture to balance its composition with lime at the rate of one glass of substance for each square meter of the plot.

Harvest strawberries: varieties, planting dates

Timing and landing scheme

Strawberry for open ground "Zarya" refers to early ripening, very productive and leafy, varieties perfectly adapted to winter and frost. To obtain the most productive berries, you should correctly select the site and timing of planting, as well as adhere to the recommended planting scheme:

  • if the landing area is flat and elevated, then strawberry should be planted according to a one or two-line pattern;
  • single-row planting of plants suggests a distance between rows of at least 70-90 cm, and a distance in rows between strawberry bushes - 15-20 cm;
  • with two-line planting, it is necessary to adhere to the distance between the rows in each tape at a level of 30 cm, and the standard distance between the tapes is 65-70 cm, the plants themselves must be planted with an interval of 20-25 cm;
  • to arrange strawberry bushes in areas located in lowlands, it is necessary only on ridges, the height and width of which depend on the type of soil.

When planting on ridges, it is advisable to place strawberry bushes with a distance of not less than 30-35 cm. Any densely leafy varieties of garden strawberries, including Festivalnaya, Zenga Zengana and Zarya, are recommended to be grown on highly fertile soils.

Prevention and treatment of rot

Growing a variety of garden strawberries "Zarya", you should take care of the timely implementation of preventive measures aimed at protecting berry plantings from rot damage. Most often affected by this disease are thickened plantings, as well as strawberry bushes placed in poorly ventilated or low areas. The flesh of the affected strawberry turns brown and rots, and microscopic spores and conidia are formed on the surface of the berries, contributing to the spread of the disease.

As a preventive measure for rot, the following measures are recommended:

  • thoroughly and timely clean strawberry ridges from plant debris, as well as regularly remove dry leaves and weeds;
  • at the stage of berry formation, mulch the aisles with chopped straw, fresh sawdust or needles;
  • pollinate strawberry bushes after rain with wood ash at the rate of 1 kg for every 13-15 square meters of berry plantings.

Systematic top dressing of berry plants with micronutrient fertilizers and phosphorus-potassium complexes, which increase the resistance of strawberries to rot, is very effective.

Reviews of summer residents

Strawberry "Dawn" refers to varieties of universal use. This early-ripe variety of garden strawberries forms tall bushes with dense foliage and very beautiful, tasty berries that fully ripen in mid-June. Their flesh of light red color looks great in fruit salads.

According to experienced summer residents, in conditions of proper care, the average yield from every 10 square meters. m is at least 18-20 kg of berries. The variety is very responsive to moderate, but timely irrigation measures, and also reacts positively to fertilizing in the form of mineral fertilizers.

How to plant strawberries

According to gardeners, the domestic Zarya strawberry variety has excellent resistance to damage by pathogens of fungal and bacterial origin, and also compares favorably with many early varieties with high drought and frost resistance.


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