Strawberries Moscow delicacy: the rules for growing Dutch early ripe hybrid

Strawberries Moscow delicacy: the rules for growing Dutch early ripe hybrid

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Strawberries (garden strawberries) Moscow delicacy is a remontant early ripe variety bearing fruit until the last decade of September. This is a two-line F1 early ripening hybrid obtained from Holland. Description of the variety was given by the originator of CJSC Scientific and Production Corporation NK Ltd.

Grade description

Bushes are medium-tall, semi-dispersed and medium-leafy. The stalks are rather thin and long. Inflorescences are semi-spreading, multi-flowered, located above the leaves. The berries are red, shiny, medium in size, stupidly conical. The pulp is red, juicy, sweet and sour. The seeds are numerous, heavily submerged in the pulp. Taste is very good. The aroma is strong, strawberry.

The variety is characterized by good resistance to frost and drought and medium - to diseases and main pests. Differs in high productivity and universality of use. Easy to transport.

Landing rules

Strawberry Moscow delicacy is quite demanding on the soil. Therefore, before planting in the soil on the site add sand and humus in a ratio of 1: 2. Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in special containers filled with a fertile soil mixture, which is preheated for three hours in an oven at 90-100 degrees. Sowing is best done from late February to early March.

When maintaining optimal microclimatic conditions and proper care, seedlings appear after about three weeks. In the phase of 2-3 real leaves, seedlings dive. For a permanent place in the open ground, plants are transplanted in warm weather, in the presence of 5-6 true leaves.

Strawberries: variety selection

Care Tips

Strawberries Moscow delicacy is easy to grow. It requires standard care: timely watering, loosening of soil around the bushes, regular weeding.

To accelerate growth and development, as well as to improve the taste characteristics and appearance of berries, various dressings are used containing a complex of nutrients. A very good effect is obtained, in particular, by fertilizing strawberries with a solution of mullein or bird droppings.

Under high snow cover, strawberries tolerate almost any frost. But when cultivated in the northern regions of the plant, it is recommended to mulch before the onset of the winter period.

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Gardeners reviews

Strawberries Moscow delicacy belongs to the category of neutral daylight hybrids and gives a high yield for a long time. It forms strong bushes with high peduncles and is resistant to lower temperatures.

Judging by the reviews, some gardeners are not too happy with this hybrid form, namely the ability to obtain fruiting plants exclusively from seeds, but in general the Moscow delicacy is quite popular. This is one of the most productive repairing strawberry hybrids, with a yield of about 1.5 kg per bush. The variety is in demand as a room or balcony culture, and is also often used for industrial off-season distillation and year-round greenhouse production of berries.

Strawberries bloom about a month after planting and bear fruit from May to autumn frosts. In the aftertaste of ripe berries there are pronounced notes of sweet cherry. The fruits have a very pleasant berry aroma.

Strawberry Moscow delicacy is recommended for cultivation throughout the Russian Federation and is perfect for growing on personal plots.

How to plant strawberries


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