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Is it possible to grow good tobacco in the country

Is it possible to grow good tobacco in the country

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In connection with the constant increase in cigarette prices, I thought about self-growing tobacco in the country. Is it possible? How complicated is this process? I also want to clarify that I live far from the southern latitudes (Eastern Siberia) and I want to grow tobacco in a good, high-quality, and not some kind of shag.


I am from Karelia, the region in the sense of weather is also not so hot. But you can grow tobacco, I just don’t advise planting it in open ground - he does not like temperatures below +15! Plant in a greenhouse, in a greenhouse (only preferably not low - it will trample up). In my greenhouse it grows fine, only, of course, I plant more densely than it should, due to lack of space. In general, the most difficult thing is to steam and germinate the seeds, and so it is tenacious enough and patient with unusual hands.