Potato "Juvel": characteristics of the variety

Potato "Juvel": characteristics of the variety

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Juvel potatoes are super early or ultra early. The variety is very high-yielding, which makes it popular not only among consumers, but also potato growers. This variety was bred by German breeders, but has become popular not only in the homeland, but also in most regions of our country. The variety is known to many gardeners under the name Juvel Renata Bettini.

Grade characteristics

All early varieties of potatoes, including Juvel, are characterized by very rapid growth, as well as a short growing season.

The plant is stunted, intermediate type, semi-erect. Leaves of medium size, with a slight wavy edges. Inflorescences of medium size, reddish-violet with a light lilac hue. Stems form and develop in a fairly short time. Tops are of good density and moderate density.

The tubers are round-oval in shape, covered with a smooth yellow peel with small eyes. Potato flesh on a section of light yellow color. The starch content is not lower than 10-15%. The fat content of the pulp is medium. Taste is very good. Color during cleaning and cooking does not change. The average weight of a tuber can vary from 80 to 150 g. Light shoots of medium size, open, highly pubescent.

The average yield of potatoes of the Juvel variety is at least 700-800 kg / ha. According to the description from the originator, the variety is characterized by resistance to the golden potato nematode, late blight of tubers, potato cancer, and viral infection of PVYn.

Landing and care

The optimal germination period is 3-4 weeks. The average gardening period for seed potatoes is approximately 8-15 days, during which time tubers should be turned two or three times. It is important to remember that carrying out too early or late planting of seed tubers helps to reduce the yield of the plant.

For the cultivation of ultra-early potatoes, it is necessary to select areas with well-cultivated soil with optimal moisture content. The plant loves sunny places, and placing potatoes in shaded areas causes the formation of small tubers. The landing pattern is 60 x 25-30 cm or 70 x 20-25 cm.

The uniform germination of potatoes of this variety determines the success of the work to care for it, as well as obtaining a plentiful and early harvest. Conducting timely and proper care throughout the growing season is a prerequisite for good productivity.

Leaving basically boils down to maintaining the soil in a loose state and the destruction of weeds. After watering, it is necessary to thoroughly loosen the soil in order to improve air access to the root system, or to carry out the earthing up of potatoes.

Potato growers reviews

Potatoes of the Juvel variety not only form a full-fledged crop very early, but also easily tolerates drought, which is a frequent occurrence in the summer in many regions of cultivation of this vegetable crop. Positive feedback about the variety and its popularity are due to the super-early yield of the crop and the high quality of the tubers. The number of fruits in one potato nest reaches 20 pieces.

The best varieties of potatoes

In summer cottages, the ultra-early Juvel potato variety is very often used for re-planting. Thus, in the garden you can get a couple of harvests of environmentally friendly products within one season. You can dig up potato tubers in the first half of summer. It is worth remembering that potatoes of this variety are not stored for a long time.


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