Black strawberry: appearance and taste

Black strawberry: appearance and taste

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Hello! I heard on TV that black strawberries appeared in our country. Is it true? Is it possible to grow it in central Russia? Thanks.

Black strawberry exists, and you can safely eat it.

In our country, gardeners are accustomed to growing and consuming such varieties of this culture that produce red berries. However, today white and another varieties are gradually gaining ground in the plots and plates of summer residents.

This berry is considered to be called the type of Black Prince. He is a native of America. This is the fruit of modern breeders. The fruits of this species are large, juicy in appearance and taste. It is a mistake to think that they are very dark in the usual sense of the word. No, the fruits have a deep red saturated hue. By the time it is fully ripe, it really looks like black. But the strawberry seeds of this still rare species are just really black.

Sometimes this berry is mistakenly considered a variety of wild strawberry Black Swan, shown in the photo. This is a frost-resistant strawberry, which, by the way, can also be bred.

Rare-type berry bushes do not require special care in comparison with other varieties. Plant it in fertile soil, of course, not clay or sand. Moderate watering and loosening - this is the main care for her. It is interesting that, unlike ordinary strawberries, this species does not degenerate over time, but, on the contrary, its bushes produce more and more mustaches, giving more and more fruits. So you can safely plant strawberries, popularizing it among gardeners. The taste of black strawberries is unusual, reminiscent of pineapple.

As for the middle zone of Russia, it is quite possible to select and breed this variety. Seeds are sold in all major gardening stores, and online ordering is also available. In America, these berries are very popular due to their taste. They are eaten in fresh, natural form, fruit drinks, compotes are prepared.

The leaves of the plant are no less popular. Dry them and use in winter as an additive to tea. This will be a real prevention of SARS.

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