Pear "Extravaganza": variety description and pruning rules

Pear "Extravaganza": variety description and pruning rules

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Pear "Extravaganza" - a winter variety obtained as a result of crossbreeding of varieties "Talgar Beauty" and "Daughter of Dawn". The variety description was given by the originator - GNU "All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants named after Michurin". The authorship of the variety is assigned to experienced domestic breeders S. P. Yakovlev, N. I. Saveliev and V. V. Chivilev.

The basic rules for spring treatments are as follows:

  • the first treatment is carried out at air temperature levels of + 5 ° C, immediately after the snow on the site;
  • should be sprayed not only the crown, but also the trunk of the fruit tree, as well as the trunk circle;
  • damage to the bark, such as cracks or splits, which are often the site of wintering of plant parasites, require particularly careful processing;
  • Before spraying, it is very important to carefully, but carefully, clear the trunk of the tree from dead bark particles with a brush.

Processing fruit trees is necessary in March, and then before the flowering stage and immediately after flowering. Equally important is the pruning of pears - formative, sanitary and anti-aging.

Necessary activities in the fall

Despite the fairly high winter hardiness, the pear "Fairy" needs competent preparation for the winter period. At the first stage, all dried or rotten fruits are removed from the plot under the garden plantations and branches. All collected scavenger must be taken away from the site.

In order to increase the frost resistance of pear trees and stimulate the ripening of wood, in the autumn it is advisable to fertilize fruit trees with phosphorus and potash fertilizers. In a too dry autumn period, it is recommended to carry out high-quality water-charging irrigation.

It is very important in the fall to perform whitewashing of trunks and sanitary pruning of a fruit tree, as well as to carry out high-quality processing with special insectofungicidal agents. To protect against rodents, trunks are recommended to be wrapped in burlap or fine wire mesh.

When preparing for the winter, special attention is required to young fruit plantings. If necessary, cover the plants with spruce spruce branches, which protects the wood well from frost and does not allow the plant to melt in case of sudden thaws. In winters with little snow, it is advisable to artificially increase the volume of snow cover in the tree-trunk circles of fruit trees.

Gardeners reviews

Pear "Extravaganza" deservedly receives positive reviews and high marks from both experienced gardeners and novice summer residents. The variety is in demand in different regions of the country due to a rather long period of fruit consumption and good taste of the crop. However, summer residents often note such a lack of variety as chopping the fruit as a result of improper pruning and thickening of the crown.

Pears: useful properties

Pear "Extravaganza" is characterized by the presence of good integrated resistance to the most common diseases of fruit stands. The variety is undemanding to the composition of the soil, but in the best way develops and bears fruit on well-drained and fertile soils. According to the observations of gardeners, the productivity of a pear very much depends on the indicators of soil moisture and stagnant moisture in the area allotted for fruit plantations.