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Technology for planting potatoes under a tractor

How to plant potatoes under a tractor? Previously, they always planted by hand, now we have been given another garden, we want maximum productivity. What nuances need to be taken into account and are there any tricks? Grade Slav. Tags: Vegetables, Vegetables 639 views | 04/05/2017 00:53 Recent questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Victor asked. At my cottage, someone eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves. Who is this?
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Grapes "Sensation": an early and very tasty variety

Grapes "Sensation" is a fairly new and promising hybrid form. He was bred by a famous amateur breeder from the Rostov region V. U. Kapelyushny. Variety characteristics The Hybrid Sensation form was the result of crossbreeding of the Rizamat and Talisman varieties popular among winegrowers.
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Whey baked goods: the most delicious cakes and rolls

Sometimes you don’t know where to adjust the serum. The one that turns out if the cottage cheese is done at home, independently. After all, this product is beautiful, fresh and very healthy. The best use for whey is to make dough based on it. As a rule, it is not too burdened with baking, then the products are surprisingly lush, directly airy.
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Cucumber "Spino f1": cultivation features

Generative, partenocarpic cucumber "Spino f1" from the Dutch producer, the company "Syngenta", is a promising new vegetable garden crops. Description of the variety Hybrid form "Spino f1" - super early ripening period. Less than one and a half months pass from the period of emergence of seedlings to the harvesting stage.
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Pear "Zolotovorotskaya": description of the variety and features of agricultural technology

The Zolotovorotskaya pear, or Zolotovorotskaja, was obtained by crossing the varieties Parisian and Olivier de Serre. This variety was developed by the specialists of the Lviv Experimental Station together with experienced breeders of the UAAN Gardening Institute. Pear "Zolotovorotskaya" refers to early varieties of early winter consumption, and the description of this variety allows us to evaluate it as high-yielding and adapted for home gardening.
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